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Federal Judge Correctly Rules Equal Rights Women Must Be Drafted And Fight Wars

Tim is a leftist.  He betrays his bias periodically.  Here, he yaps about how women, if drafted, will get all the cushy jobs at home in the military while the young men are sent to die in battle.  I think the feminists would love to rig the system to do this but I also see this going to court now, that is, discriminating against women to force men to fight while the girls goof off at home, will also force the military to draft and then force women to storm the beaches at Iwo Jima, so to speak.  I am all for that because women want to be ‘equals’ they better pay the devil for this.

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Liberals Want Illegal Aliens To Vote, Want Open Borders

Screen shot 2016-07-30 at 7.22.13 AM

The New York Times scolding us about how we must have more Muslims, hilarious coming from a Zionist operation!


The Democrats have doubled down on the idea that we should have open borders even as terrorists continue to proliferate and declare war on us and Hispanics demand the right  to take away citizen’s jobs but that is OK with the DNC which hopes to have power based on two populations: blacks on welfare and Hispanics who come here illegally.  So courts that are ‘liberal’ are striking down any laws to prevent voting fraud or stop illegals from stealing US citizen’s jobs.

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Illegal Aliens Must Be Counted As ‘Voters’ In Liberal Supreme Court Ruling

Liberal judges on the Supreme Court have ruled that illegal aliens count as voters:  Supreme Court rejects conservative challenge in voting rights case | Reuters


The eight justices ruled that Texas, in carving out its state Senate districts, did not violate the legal principle of “one person, one vote” endorsed by the court in the 1960s. The decision likely benefits Democrats over Republicans.

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NYC Cancels Murdoch/Joel Klein Multi-million Dollar Computer Contract: AIPAC Destroying US Schools

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 Amplify is a Murdoch/Joel Klein Common Core school system looting operation that steals many millions and millions of US school tax dollars while wrecking the entire school system.  These looters (referring to Klein and others, not Murdoch)  have huge influence in government via AIPAC.  They control elections via media and money.  I am shocked that the NYC school system abruptly terminated the Amplify contract for just one service (sic) that no one uses and which cost us all nearly $100 million a year.  Maybe all the Amplify contracts will be terminated and perhaps the owners and runners of this scam be put in jail for fraud?

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Jimmy Carter Talks About Civil Rights While US Media Giants Don’t Listen

AIPAC owns all Presidents except for Jimmy Carter

This year is the 50th Anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act.  I was really happy when it was signed.  I immediately asked to the ACLU to help me sue my school system due to girls being forced to take home economics and forbidden to take shop and auto classes.  By the time the case was won, I was well out of high school but millions of girls got to take these classes.  Jimmy Carter is in the news for once because he gave the keynote speech at the ceremony celebrating the Civil Rights Act.  Normally, our media owners ignore him deliberately because he stood up for Palestinian civil rights, too. Continue reading


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Boston Marathon Is All About Women’s Rights

Katherine Switzer assaulted at Boston Marathon 1967

The First Woman To Run The Boston Marathon

I had to sue in 1966 for the right to run more than 1 1/2 miles.  Back then, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) claimed falsely that any woman running further than that would die, the poor dears.  I proved I could run far further than that and in the desert, cross country, no less.  Meanwhile, thanks to the Civil Rights Act, other young women who were older than I were setting out to prove this, too.  And this led to a series of confrontations with race organizers who wanted to exclude women. Continue reading


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