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More Terror Attacks In NATO Countries, More ANTIFA vs Nationalist Clashes

Across the NATO countries, the right is on the march.  Leftists have been allowed free rein to run riot for several years now as the Bilderberg gang let in millions and millions of illegal alien Muslims invade, in the US, they even went to court in California and other DNC-run state to demand Trump let in millions of aliens, but with these same aliens now at war with the citizens in NATO countries, street fights are breaking out as young people on either side of the divide, fight.  The Bilderberg gang runs the media systems and always sides with ANTIFA rioters as we saw this week in the US.  But this is failing fast and we see in the news today: the Muslim terror attacks are doubling down now.

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SJW Professor Washington DC Attacks And Forces Out Right Wing Man From Gym


Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer’s membership canceled at new gym after a Jewish SJW activist ‘professor’ attacked him and whined about him at the university in Virginia| Daily Mail Online reports.  The temper tantrums of the leftists continue unabated.  On the other hand, look at her insane twitter account!  She is both insane and obscene and is teaching young people to do what, exactly?  This foul mouthed, uncivilized, vicious, attack dog female should be fired.  It is obscene to have her exposing herself to young people, it sets a very bad example.

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NATO Expansion Hostility To Russia Isn’t Supported By All Europeans

Putin speech from 2015, talking about the Peace Prize President Obama who used NATO to box in Russia.


A Gallup poll has revealed that citizens of four NATO nations would sooner count on Russia to defend them rather than the United States, Bloomberg reported on Friday, reflecting the changing perceptions of the US’s role in global security.  This news story has appeared in Russia and Bloomberg news but the NYT and Washington Post don’t mention this story for it destroys the illusion that every nation in Europe wants the US to fight Russia.

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New Maoist Dictators, Facebook And Google Both Want To Totally Control Media And Content


Facebook Reveals Seven Point Plan To Eradicate “Fake News”: the fake liberals who are in Silicon Valley and other hip places that pretend they love freedom, are on the warpath against all the rest of us who use online services to talk about the world, talk with each other and speculate about everything possible.  These cretins want to shut the internet down and run it like Maoist Chinese.  That is, only they get to talk freely, the rest of us will be censored in various tricky ways.  The Age of Liberal Repression will now commence.  To hell with these creeps.  How dare they silence everyone else while they pursue their private delusions?

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PBS PC BS: Civil War Series Starts With Refusing Nurses Wearing Hoops, Which NEVER Happened


Screen shot 2016-01-25 at 9.30.58 AM

Every generation has to rewrite history to suit modern fads.  Sometimes it is quite outrageous.  PBS has a new series about the Civil War.  It is pure PC from top to bottom.  I know via my own family history, this war!  My great grandpa on my mother’s mother side of the family fought in Arizona, of all places.  Yes, there was one small fight there.  Anyhow, the new PBS series launches immediately with this young lady noticing a crying lady running down the stairs at this volunteer place.  She was refused permission to join a volunteer nursing group due to wearing a hoop skirt.


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National Socialism Is Rising Rapidly As Long Depression Gets Worse Worldwide

The world is hurtling towards another world war.  If we examine the previous two world wars, we can see a definite pattern: these always fallow, by a decade, a long depression.  And they feature greater powers of central bankers and a widening gap between workers and oligarchs.  Generally speaking, there is a quest to replenish government coffers not by taxation but by imperialist exploitation and clashes over distant exploitable territories become very violent very quickly.  Meanwhile, racist/religionist national socialism rises rapidly as dominant populations seek to maintain their grip on social services via cutting off services to minorities and others.

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Paper money versus gold: a happy fist fight in the streets!  The balancing act between gold and silver and paper fiat money is just that: no system works all by itself.  They must be like a Russian troika, harnessed together with the middle horse in the shafts…that is gold…and silver and paper money hitched to either side, galloping while gold trots.  At no point in history, has this balance been perfect.  Especially when wars rage.  Then, it is all paper, as far as the government is concerned while speculators and blockade runners, gun runners and others prefer only gold and silver.  We are involved in a War on Drugs and a War on Terror and of course, killing barely armed Muslims across the planet.  And this is hideously expensive.   Continue reading


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