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The Illegal Conspiracy To Spy On And Then Frame Trump Explodes


Records Show FBI ‘Informant’ Stefan Halper Was Paid $282,000 in 2016 For Spying on Trump — And Another $129,280 in 2017…and here we go!  Many of us have been saying for a while that this is a new Watergate only widdershins.  The DNC, after screwing up with Hillary and other criminals who run the DNC like Nancy Pelosi, tried to create an illegal coup to remove Trump based on fake information about him being a Russian agent.  Shades of McCarthy! I have said repeatedly that this aping of past political schemes would backfire and it is backfiring right now.

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Watergate II: DNI Director Clapper Leaked Steele Fake Dossier To CNN, Now Works For CNN



Arrest Clapper.  Clap the irons on his legs and hands.  Throw the book at Clapper.  Details of the conspiracy to frame the President of the USA based on foreign false charges means arresting all the players who knew the truth and pushed lies.  This is a Constitutional Crisis due to the entire DNC and key Bilderberg GOP gangsters in Congress refusing to go after obvious criminals in the Obama administration.

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Clapper Claims Everyone Spies Like NSA So It Is OK To Spy On Allies

The NSA and Clapper love to say, ‘Everyone does this!’ as an excuse for illegal or illicit or hostile spying on friends and allies as well as entire populations.  If by ‘everyone’ Clapper means ‘Big Brother in 1984’ or the USSR, then he is correct.  Unfortunately, even if Stalin spied on everyone doesn’t mean Clapper can violate the Constitution.  Nor can Obama or Bush evade the fact that they were just fine with this spying on everyone.  Both GOP and DNC heads were fine with spying on everyone.

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NSA Spy Documents Totally Blacked Out ACLU FOIA Demands

ACLU request for FISA information from NSA re: text messages

Totally Redacted FOIA response showing clearly that we get as much information from our government as Soviet citizens in the past.  The ENTIRE document is blacked out.  Every single line.  FISA is totally out of control, the freedom of information act is now totally dead and the spies run our country and do this for Saudi Arabia and Israel and feeds all our information, everything, raw to Israel.  Now, the Zionist/AIPAC neocons are all over the place explaining this is a good thing and not outright treason. Continue reading


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Bilderberg Washington Post Does Silly Agitprop Story About Putin Approving Of NSA Spying

Yes, the Zionists have twisted Obama’s arm and gotten him to falsely charge Syria with using yet another fake WMD thing so we can do more war crimes against Muslims. We can’t stop this, AIPAC owns Congress and has reins firmly in hand and our media owners are all co-conspirators and here is today’s example of Zionist Agitprop where they totally make up stuff in order to control what people think and feel about something.  Trust of the readers is required and the Mainstream Media has been losing trust steadily but not fast enough.  So, we are going to examine what Russia TV has to say compared to the Washington Post which is run by a Bilderberg conspirator. Continue reading


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Right Wing Intelligence (sic) Czar Clapper Tells ‘Least Untruthful’ Testimony In Congress

The Bilderberg meeting in England ends.  The US media works day and night to hide that meeting and to vilify anyone who dares reveal the noxious spy systems set up to collect all our data all the time and store it for later use.  And Congress is complicit in all this as are several Presidents past and present.  and Clapper double talks about spying on us which reminds me of Watergate.

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Europe Protests PRISM And The AIPAC/Pro-PRISM People Are In Cahoots To Spy On Us

ACLU sues Obama administration over NSA surveillance:  The dam is breaking.  The secrets are now going to be turned to daylight if our court system still works.  And it barely limps along at this point.  The political system is totally dysfunctional and the media is complicit in all this by hiding lobbying corruption such as AIPAC and misleading the public when it comes to vital matters like our many manic wars and the terror that springs from that not to mention the utterly useless and incredibly violent War on Drugs. Continue reading


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