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During Bitter Cold Early Winter, Global Warmists Double Down On Fake Science

The above news story is an editorial at the NY Times about how we are all going to roast to death…written by a fake religion professor in Arizona.  The left is doubling down on global warming while still calling this fantasy weather stuff ‘climate change.’  It is changing…it is getting colder in key areas that are all where Ice Ages start.  Alaska was never ever covered by solid ice whereas nearly all of Canada was, repeatedly.

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Bill Gates Wants To Create Blizzards To Save California From Being Hot

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I learn a lot from readers who post here and this is a story that didn’t make it to the East Coast.  The California plan to spray salt water CONTAMINATED BY FUKUSHIMA into the high stratosphere where it will create global cooling and may I add, fierce blizzards across the rest of the country that isn’t the West Coast.  Launching such a ship would be a declaration of war against the cold half of the nation and could lead to military confrontation, if nothing else, I would scuttle that myself.

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