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Sessions Will Investigate FISA Conspiracy At Last! Plus, Time To Fundraise For My Blog

AG SESSIONS: DOJ Will Open Official Investigation Into Obama’s FISA Abuse


Time for me to pay for my blog!  I appreciate any and all donations.  Just click on the Pegasus icon on the side bar to donate or mail a check to Elaine Supkis, 209 Greenhollow Rd, Petersburgh, NY 12138.  The support from readers is greatly appreciated here on the mountain.  Thank you, in advance! You are all wonderful people, of course (time to grovel big time!).


And on to the news, finally Sessions will begin a full investigation of Obama, Hillary and the DNC conspiracy involved in the FISA Steele dossier scandal.  Colluding with foreigners to frame a Presidential candidate and win or overturn an election is high treason!  Arrest them all.

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