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Paralysis In DC Is Caused By GOP/DNC Corruption And Fake News Systems

Sean Hannity 9/12/17 – Hannity Fox News Today September 12, 2017 TRUMP, HILLARY CLINTON, FAKE NEWS – YouTube


A number of issues is addressed here on the remaining, last ‘conservative’ TV news systems, Fox TV.  As our government collapses due to corruption at the top, the ability of Trump to change course is collapsing.  The Bilderberg gang wants corruption because this is how rich people get their way!  Duh.  Trump can’t be bribed but all his associates can.  And since the stables in DC can’t be cleaned out, we continue to run off the rails.  The DNC scandals continue to seethe with no resolution and this is because nearly everyone in DC is now corrupt so there is little desire by GOP members who have all the power now, to take even baby steps to stop this tsunami of corruption.

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