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Brazil And Indonesia Rainforest Destruction Shoots Upwards, La Nina Cold Continues

La Nina cold Pacific Ocean

Something is happening in the Pacific Ocean: the cold water La Nina portion is actually colder, not warmer.  Climatologists are predicting an el Nino event but I think history says otherwise.  There are many mega trends going on that are an interaction of human behavior, the sun’s shifting output of energy, volcanic activity or inactivity, earthquakes in the ocean’s floor such as the three 9.0+ quakes off of Japan, Chile and Indonesia and salinity of the oceans going through various cycles where salt content increases or falls.  All of this creates difficult to interpret weather conditions which cause local shifts that seem quite large close up but when viewed through the lens of history, are actually rather common.

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Nye ‘Wins’ War on Warm Debate When NBC Flack, Gregory Mentions California Is HOT!

Sun spot activity since 1950

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs: a cool site that has an interactive graph system for weather data!  Here is the sun spot activity graph showing clearly the drop in sun spot peak activity in the mid-1970’s and the present low level which is even lower than before.  Note the ‘Summer of Love’ in 1968 with a very high peak sun spot activity, the highest in the last half century.  I lived out West during the hot cycle and in NYC during the very cold cycle.  I ran around half naked having fun in the sun and then made fur blankets out of old fur coats so I wouldn’t freeze in my sleep (living in poorly heated slums back then) in the seventies. Continue reading


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