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Junker Attacks Trump And US, Will Cause Us Maximum Harm In Retaliation

Juncker mauls Trump ahead of climate decision:

Who is Jean-Claude Juncker? He is a politician from Luxembourg who since 2014 has been President of the European Commission, one of the main institutions of the European Union.


He is a big Bilderberg creep from a very small ‘country’ that is being used to run the EU while destroying any form of ‘democracy’ or ‘republics’.  It is now a bureaucratic dictatorship of a bunch of unelected people who run the systems and can’t be removed.

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Rising CO2 Causes Fewer And Fewer Atlantic Hurricanes!


Global Warming: Here’s how it could trigger the next financial crisis due to all the hurricanes hitting the US for the last 10 years and this year’s terrible hurricanes and look at the picture below I took the day this news story came out: these hurricanes never went beyond category 1 and both died out to sea and hit Europe along a cold front so there is snow there now in the mountains.

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Greenpeace Founder, Dr. Moore, Believes CO2 Is GOOD, Not Evil

What is Entropy? – YouTube

Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout – The Making of a Sensible Environmentalist is a book written by Dr. Moore who is now telling us that CO2 isn’t the Evil Monster but is plant food and it does contribute to warming the planet but this is a good thing since we are in the middle of a series of very dangerous Ice Ages that get more and more dire every cycle, worse and worse.  This scientist was once the toast of the left but now is tossed to the wolves due to saying verboten stuff.  He just issued another book, which I highly recommend. Continue reading


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Pope Flies All Over Earth Screaming About CO2 From Jets

Pope visit: what is on board the Papal plane? – Telegraph

According to a host of powerful people living in multiple palaces and flying fleets of private jets and driving Rolls Royces, we are all going to roast to death due to exhaling CO2 and living in small houses and commuting to work, etc.  The Pope has joined the ‘Thou shalt burn in hell for being middle class’ army of rich people and he is flying his private jet fleet here to chastise us for our CO2 production via transportation, housing, etc.  Breaking news: Vatican Denies «fr Will Build Fleet Of Planes .  HAHAHA.


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Public Transportation Failures: Attempts At Eliminating CO2 Are Frauds

The media is full of odd news about how warming is evil and Ice Ages are wonderful.  The latest is all about mastodons being killed by warm weather.  This runs alongside ads for visiting super warm places on holidays.  Our rulers consume energy and spew out tons of CO2 while lecturing us.  They also want more public transportation and do this where it is the most useless or uses even more CO2 producing energy.  Meanwhile, New York City gets no credit for one of the world’s biggest, most heavily used public transportation systems.

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False Claim: Greenland Is Melting–While It Ain’t And Blizzards Continue To Blow In June


Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 7.24.51 AM

Today’s Hendriks webcam i Tasiilaq which shows exactly how much is really melting this year in one of the areas of Greenland that normally is melted by now and growing grass.


Greenland’s Vanishing Glacial Lake Mystery Solved with New Study which uses only data from just after the huge 1999 temperature spike and el Nino.  Looking at that, the ‘scientists’ could issue a hysterical report that the ice is MELTING in Greenland and will all vanish soon and the oceans will rise and all the mansions owned by the super rich will be flooded.  Steven Spielberg sells sprawling oceanfront Malibu mansion for ‘around $35million’ this week which shows how utterly terrified the super rich are about oceans rising.  It sold for many times what Spielberg paid. Spielberg has made movies about the planet flooding due to being warmer.


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Ukraine, Japan And US Want WWIII

China navy warns US spy plane in disputed South China Sea as things heat up there. The US encouraged Japan to renew its history of unilateral territorial seizures and so China, deciding that diplomacy was dead, did the same thing to the howls of Japan and US rulers who wanted to humiliate China and negotiate nothing.  This comes on the tail end of Obama negotiating a CO2 treaty with China which outsiders and many Americans view as suicidal for the US.  Why our rulers are doing this is baffling.  They want to make oodles of money off of the CO2 scam while at the same time, they want to control China which is by far, the world’s greatest manufacturing power.  At the same time, the rich in the US want to import Chinese goods and profit from selling these to Americans.  A muddled mess that will end badly, I say.

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