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Global Warmist Nazis Want To Freeze Poland To Death: UN Global Warming Meeting Today

Honey, I’m back from the Polish global warming summit! We saved the planet from warm weather!


This very same weekend when the French people rioted over the global warming taxes on fuel, the globalists and the Bilderberg gang had a global meeting in cold Poland to demand we make the planet colder and tax workers and others who use fossil fuels and transfer this money to equatorial nations that have nothing to worry about, there being no winters there!  These lunatics also want everyone in the very coldest parts of the earth to cease using fossil fuels.  Especially those pesky Polish people who insist on doing this! The Nazis on the left hate the Polish for using coal.  They want them to freeze!  Fix them Poles good!!!

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Oh, Susanna, Don’t Cry Global Warming For Me, I Froze To Death

Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 5.03.05 PM

Free Notes – Oh Susanna (Oh I came from Alabama with my banjo… a song for these global warming times.  The sun is so hot we are freezing to death.  Now, there are localities on this planet that are not cold.  But in general, it is getting cooler in key places and the warm spots are the anomalies that don’t change the fact that huge continental areas are very, very cold this winter, colder than normal by a long shot.

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