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Why Coal And Industrial Revolution Go Hand In Glove: UK Demands New Investigation Of Thatcher Breaking Up Mining Union

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Margret Thatcher used her victory over Argentina in the Falklands War to go to war against the miner’s union in Britain which was still a major manufacturing power in the 1980s before free trade destroyed it. It is no idle chance that coal production in Britain, home of the Industrial Revolution, continues to fall along with manufacturing power which is falling equally fast.  The US is pursuing this exact same route after Reagan killed the unions and both Bushes and Clinton (and Hillary in the future) push for ‘free trade’ and ending coal burning due to ‘global warming’.


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Liberal Warmongering Against Russia And China Rises To Hysterical Fever Pitch As US Continues Cold Spring Weather

huffington post is biggest war monger media


The neocon President who sent the Kagan wife working with Pyatt to overthrow the elected government there is now giving deadlines about war.  That is, the citizens angry about the coup in Kiev must surrender to the coup or the US will muscle them into surrender exactly like how we did it in Egypt.  That is, kill everyone until they give up resisting a coup.  The Peace Prize President has fine tuned his warmongering.  He does what his handlers order and then gives up.  Right now, the US has redoubled assassin drones killing peasants in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen which is a very failed strategy since it only makes the peasants angrier.  But we keep on doing this because our boss in Jerusalem has ordered our President to do this and our corrupt AIPAC Congress votes to do this while cutting spending on social programs, science and protecting our borders at home.

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Global Warmists Want No Meat And Democratic Senators Hold All Night Vigil For Making It Even Colder

global warmists want no meat for Americans

The vegetarian movement has hit on a new way of getting people to go veggie.  In past history, rulers were meat eaters while the peasants were punished if they hunted for meat and this made the rulers bigger and stronger and the peasants remain thinner, weaker and smaller.  Ever since the US took over the Great Plains, even peasants could buy meat though this was still a rare treat for them.  Remember, a chicken on Sunday in every pot was first said by Henry IV of France way back in 1600.  And Hoover used this back in the Great Depression.  The modern liberal global warmists want no chicken or beef (note Brit royal guards were called ‘Beefeaters’ because this made them big and strong so they could repel rioting peasants!) nor heating in winter for US peasants. Continue reading


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A Winter’s Tale: Panda, Tippy and Akamaru Play In Snow Sort Of…

Panda runs riot in snow

Today we are having a real snow storm, not light snow.  And it is bitter cold, a sort of cold Napoleon’s Grand Armee enjoyed while fleeing Moscow.  The kittens are now cats and this is their very first winter.  Panda, who has huge front paws with opposable thumbs, has been chasing snow flakes while her short haired sister, Tippy, is not as happy about this reversal of nature.

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Many American commentators and ‘thinkers’ [sic] think that when a country has financial problems, this makes them weaker. This is true but power is RELATIVE. If, say, China or Russia have financial problems due to the US economy imploding, this makes them weaker. But the US is even more weaker and in a worse trajectory. This week, Russia is striking back and is making energy more expensive. They will win in this enterprise due to the US and Israel launching yet another anti-Muslim civilian democratic war. And egging everyone into going to war with Iran.

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