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Special Prosecutor Will Now Go After Obama/Clinton Gangsters

Well, the shoe is now officially on the other foot.  The DNC gang and the agents overseas who are all Bilderberg co-conspirators from Obama to Hillary and on down will now be fully investigated by a real investigation team, not a political cover up co-conspirator machine.  The DNC is sweating bullets so they want to impeach Trump which is deliciously insane.

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California, Arizona, Italy, England: Warm Places Now Freezing Cold, Snow!

Snow Falls in Rome, and the Eternal City Takes a Holiday – The New York Times reports.


The New York Times is central to the fake ‘global warming’ dogma mess.  So, we had snow several times in the Sahara Desert this last winter and each time it was reported as if this was a once in a century thing except it keeps happening.  Once again, a severe coldwave is crashing over Europe, freezing England, freezing Rome and probably snowing in the Sahara yet again.  All this is a warning that we are in a cold cycle, not ‘global warming’ yet all the US mainstream liberal media continues to howl about ‘global warming’ even as they freeze their bunions in Los Angeles.

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Huge Nor’easter Blizzard Aiming At Major Metro East Coast Cities And My Little Mountain!

Screen shot 2015-01-25 at 3.25.17 PM

‘Historic’ Snowstorm Threatens New England With Likely Blizzard – NBC News.com


Up to 2 feet of snow in NYC with 3 feet+ for Boston expected in huge storm and the people of NYC can thank the brave Global Warming marchers for this.  And then it will be near zero after the storm down there and well below zero up where I live, further north.  This is what the global warmists demanded: more blizzards.  Since they believe their CO2 savings is causing this, I feel free to blame them for this situation as I dig out from the blizzard in three days. This classic Nor’easter usually hammers me due to the fact the mountains where I live run east to west so they funnel Nor’easter winds quite violently up to and over 80 mph.

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