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Bush/Blair Pre-9/11 Secret Plot To Attack Iraq Illegally

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The US continues its many war crimes since the Vietnam War began, we pretended to repent with Jimmy Carter (warning: he was my father’s good friend!) and now here we are at the back end of my long life, right back where we were when I was a teenager going around the world giving anti-war speeches!  The same messes.  And Russia, instead of being weaker, is growing stronger under a smart leader who has a vague idea how history works in circles.  Unlike our poor puppet President who is ruled by the same neocons who caused 9/11 and other disasters.


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US Rulers Have Decided To Restart The Cold War With Both Russia And China

The CIA attempt to overthrow Assad of Syria, the one ruler Israel fears the most, has begun to unravel as Russia has now stepped in to stop the al Qaeda/ISIS operation cooked up by the Zionists.  Syria lies in ruins now but is beginning to see some sanity again, for the operatives hired by the US (and obvious others!) has shown themselves to be exactly like the people we are supposed to be fighting because ‘They hate America and freedom.’  This confusing situation is actually rather hilarious except for all the innocent dead people, the bystanders who are being destroyed.  Therefore, this entire business is a crime against humanity.

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Ukraine Fighting Increases, NATO Restarts Cold War: Why EU, Japan And US Can’t Afford This War

Pro-Russian Rebels Blitz Key Ukraine City as the NATO leaders who once promised Russia they would not take over all of Eastern Europe, screaming bloody murder.  As usual with these affairs, the US news loves to start the History Clock at convenient points so they can blame someone for things that happened due to NATO aggression.  It is rather odd they are seeking to restart the Cold War as Cold War II.  Of course, this can cause a real war, WWIII.  Since Russia can annihilate the US, this is a bad idea but threats of annihilation doesn’t stop anyone, does it?


The US blames Russia and North Korea as well as China for all sorts of internet bad deeds while pretending to be honest but of course, Snowden has proof to the contrary and here is this week’s proof:  Regin Malware Unmasked as NSA Tool after SPIEGEL Publishes Source Code.

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Cyber Experts Claim ‘Lena’ Is Sony Leaker, Not North Korea, FBI Totally Wrong


Moviegoers Defy North Korea after a flood of some of the most astonishingly stupid propaganda screaming in the US, lots and lots of people went to see one of the dumbest movies in recent memory.  Supposedly, North Korea leaked all those US Sony emails revealing that the Sony bosses are a bunch of very creepy, awful people.  With zero facts, this was instantly blamed on North Korea and then this was used as an excuse to increase the Cold War bellowing by our elites while the true scandal of how Sony is a racist, anti-women, goyim hating operation was buried.

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DC Can’t Pass Spending Bill Which Creates More Debts While Bankers Stuff Bill With Xmas Goodies

Senate postpones voting on $1.1trillion spending bill needed to avoid government shutdown until Monday as the Democrats rapidly lose a grip on political power in DC.  The liberal had their last hurrah with the pushing for more race riots and now we go into a slight change in our government.  Under the Democrats, it was all about wars against Muslims and Russia, arming Japan and forgetting about WWII crimes, torture, Gitmo, persecution of whistleblowers like Snowden, ZIRP loans to rich bankers, more free trade and lots of illegal aliens getting work permits.  Where was anything good for US workers, black or white?  The Republicans have many odious polices due to us in the future but the Democrats were barely distinguishable.  Both are run by Bilderberg gangsters.


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Puff The Magic Dragon NASA Orbital Resupply Rocket Goes Poof—Explodes During Virginia Launch

Because the EU and US elites needed badly to demonize Russia again so they could control their home populations, scare them and herd them into destructive economic choices, they used the shooting down of the Air Malaysia flight as a propaganda tool.  But this works only if no one sees the actual evidence so they deliberately hid this now for two months.  I keep waiting for them to release this data online and of course, the longer it is buried, the more obvious it is, the actual data totally contradicts the official stories put out by Western media and all the EU/US rulers who conspired, yes, CONSPIRED to lie about this matter.  Now, investigators who are professionals are refusing to go along with the ‘Blame Putin!’ game and are telling the truth.  The contract for Putin to supply the Space Station was terminated even though it was very cheap, and replaced with a very expensive alternative run by our billionaires, the ‘Dragon’ rocket which was named after the song.

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Kiev CIA Coup Can’t Crush East Uprising: Troops Defect

The US media owners continue their endless ▶ Iron Butterfly – In A Gadda Da Vida drum banging for oil wars.  Forget the global warming garbage, what our rulers want is Russia, Venezuela and Iran’s oil profits!  The Ukraine Easter Egg is backfiring on our rulers because by attacking Russia’s oligarchs, this makes the country stronger, not weaker.  The US, which is run by vicious oligarchs, is being rapidly destroyed by them.  So Putin is stronger and our own government is weaker thanks to oligarchal powers.

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