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10,000 Japanese Fascists Sue Asahi Simbun Over Comfort Women Story

▶ History Clean: Japan deletes WWII ‘comfort women’ chapters from textbooks – YouTube

Japan government continues to deny responsibility for sex slavery as the fascist Abe regime terrorizes anyone who talks about past WWII aggressions.  This is the same week Europe is holding a celebration of the freeing the last survivors of Nazi extermination efforts in Poland…by not inviting Russia to the party even though Russian soldiers were the liberators.  Meanwhile, in Japan, denial of WWII crimes is climbing fast with the US snoozing over this, refusing to punish the Japanese leaders.


I was thoroughly disgusted when the Asahi Simbun news people retracted all mention of ‘comfort women’ WWII crimes.  This caused both China and both Koreas to issue formal complaints which Japan ignored totally.  Now, More than 8,700 people sue Asahi Shimbun over ‘comfort women’ stories ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion:

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Abe Takes Over Asahi TV and Newspapers, Forces Censorship of Fukushima and Comfort Women

Thanks to the new secrecy law in Japan, Abe and his fascist gang have throttled the press and he as totally taken over the NHK and now all the Japanese get is pure propaganda.  Abe now has begun to attack news papers and forced an Asahi to apologize for erroneous Fukushima, comfort women reports ‹ Japan Today:  The rulers of Japan told the newspaper all the stories about Fukushima and the comfort women were outright lies.  Which is false.  They are certainly true!

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Abe Is Rewriting History Of WWII, Fukushima Is Leaking More And More, Ukraine Is Burning And Saudi Arabia Dumps Bandar Spy Chief

This made back page news at the Washington Post and the New York Times carried stories about this only several years ago, not this year:  Japan may review study on WWII sex slavery ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


Suga said that Japan would consider verifying the authenticity of the interviews with 16 South Korean women who said they were forced to serve as prostitutes for Japan’s wartime military.  The remark underscores the longstanding revisionist views and doubts over the victims’ accounts, and would certainly further escalate already strained relations between Japan and South Korea.



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Abe Demands Russian Islands—US State Department Silent Again

Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 6.26.16 AM

Northern Territories Day ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion: Yes, right before going to the Olympics in Russia, Abe stages yet another unilateral demand for foreign territory.  Even as officials of his regime insult America repeatedly, in one case, denying Japan was the aggressor in WWII and calling the US ‘the enemy’, our own State Department run by the hopeless Kerry remains silent.  Letting Japan run amok is a dangerous thing and one place this is really bad is Fukushima which gets only worse and worse as time passes. Continue reading

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Japan And Israel Abuse US Diplomacy For Imperialist Ends

Japan has grown so arrogant about its relations with the US, like Israel, the officials there deliver one slap at the face after another.  The latest from Abe’s imperialist crew is this:  Japan’s envoy to U.S. urges calm amid tensions with China ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae said people are afraid of the consequences of a deteriorating relationship between the two Asian powers, and appealed for a calming of “agitated remarks” from both sides.

Sasae told a Washington think tank constructive dialogue was needed, but also said Japan would not give in to pressure over its sovereignty claims.


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Japan’s Huge Trade Deficit With Asia And Middle East Destroys Finances


BOJ’s Kuroda says pain from bond yield rise is manageable which is pure wishful thinking.  Japan can’t let interest rates rise above ZIRP levels for a reason: the huge, huge overhanging levels of debt!  The US fell into the Japanese trap, too.  As has England and some European countries.  Interest rates can and do suddenly shoot upwards when debt loads are too great.  This is why taxing the rich is so important, only they can pay down huge debts.  And globally, the very rich refuse to do exactly that.

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Osaka Mayor Hashimoto Attacks US Over Comfort Women Apologies And Reparation Money

Defiant Hashimoto says U.S. troops abused women during occupation: the US State Department condemned the mayor’s comments concerning women forced to be prostitutes by the Japanese Imperial Forces during WWII.  So the mayor lashed out at the US.  The LDP has been steadily insulting the US for many years now and stepped this up after regaining power recently.  They arrogantly and openly visit the war criminal shrine every year and arrogantly refuse to honor the child abduction treaties and above all, seek to eliminate any US competition in Japan while flooding the US with Japanese goods.

And the nationalist ideology of this fascist party is aimed straight at the US, not China.  China is a side issue for them.  They have to make the US look very bad at home and use every opportunity to insult or degrade the US which was very generous after WWII despite all the many war crimes the Japanese committed.  Indeed, we ape the Japanese warlords all too much now.  Hashimoto has also claimed Germany had ‘comfort stations’.  Which shows us how fascist he is. Germany raped many women and tortured and killed civilians and murdered millions and millions deliberately and did ethnic cleansing…as did the Japanese.


Here is an article from 1996: Japan Fund for War’s ‘Comfort Women’ Is in Crisis – NYTimes.com.  Hashimoto, the prime minister back then, was refusing to apologize for the sex crimes done by the Japanese government and previously, the Japanese decided to not pay reparations to the then many surviving women slaves, they set up this voluntary fund which…raised virtually no money and the fund chair, a woman, quit.  This was a typical failure to correct past actions.  Over time, the population that should have paid damages gets more and more defiant.


The US military is involved in yet another series of scandals over sex.  Two of the men put in charge of dealing with sex issues in the military were caught assaulting women sexually in DC and Virginia.  The ability to restrain troops who are mainly young males being taught to kill people, is very difficult which is why countries must hesitate about being warlike.  The US is very warlike and thinks it is invulnerable to criticism even as bad things happen but the US still is a very,very long ways from the depraved criminality of Nazi Germany or Imperialist Japan.


The US is directly responsible for Japan reverting to former criminal behaviors due to our geopolitics against Russia and China.  Our government and by extension, the Bilderberg people believe that a fascist Japan makes the US stronger in Asia.  Our government then allows Japanese imperialist comments and actions while mildly rebuking Japanese fascists when they directly attack the US over issues from WWII and recent ones like Okinawa.


If any American or European readers want to know what the Japanese really think, read the comments at any ‘comfort woman’ articles.  The denial of obvious war crimes is frightening.  There are people who also deny the Holocaust which was when Hitler and Germany tried to eliminate all Jews, Gypsies, Serbs, communists, disabled people and anyone else they wanted to annihilate which turned out to be many millions and millions of people.  The Japanese treated the people they conquered with brutal viciousness and also killed millions and millions and ended up demanding the Japanese people fight to the death and even total annihilation.


Fascism is a queer mental state.  It depends on hatred and fear but also the issue of slavery is highly important.  That is, like with Southerners in the US siding with the Confederate business, justifying the evils of slavery and minimizing the damage slavery does and this damage is extremely extensive and destructive of the victims, the Japanese wish to support their own forms of slavery while whining about losing a war they launched.


We have this very stupid debate in the US about the Civil War whereby defenders of the slavery system claim the Federal government launched this war even though the shooting was launched by pro-slavery states.  Pretending blacks were better off as slaves permeates a great deal of this sort of thinking, too.  The rape of black women was due to their status as slaves.  They had no say in who had sex with them and if they resisted rape, they were tortured which is exactly how the Japanese military raped women.  Just as the slave owners did clothe and feed their captive slaves, so did the Japanese military except when there were food shortages and then they starved their penned-up victims including the civilian Europeans they put into concentration camps where many starved to death.


The there were the European and US soldiers who were made into slaves and brutally worked literally to death.  The US should not tolerate even a peep about sex or work slaves from the fascist savages running Japan today.  Backing them up when they resume their foreign conquests is insanity.  But then, our empire has decided to go fascist, too.  Alas.  The people we protect have infected how we regard humanity and our odious War on Muslims reflects this barbarity.


More Asian warmongering under the US military umbrella:  Taiwan Vents Anger at Philippines as Ma Frustration Simmers: the disputes over territorial rights at sea continue to heat up.  In this case, Mainland China has sided with Taiwan after the military navy of the Philippines attacked and killed a Chinese fisherman.  The US murmurs in the background while our allies get increasingly belligerent.  The situation in Asia is very explosive.  Note that what I said about the soap operetta in North Korea, that country is viewed nearly universally as weak and blustery but the real battles over dominating things is elsewhere and it is definitely heating up with all our many ‘allies’ there expecting the US to bear 99% of the actual fighting and actual harm.


Oh, and more Americans died in Afghanistan when the Taliban blew up a car next to a convoy.  They are dying by the dozen over there with the US arguing about keeping Okinawa-style bases there where the people, like the Okinawans, hating us.  Turkey detains prime suspect in car bombings near Syrian border  and Deadly blasts hit mosques in Pakistan and also there were Deadly sectarian attacks strike Iraq as the Shiite/Sunni wars rage onwards with the US siding 100% on the side of Sunni dictators while screaming about Shiites being naughty and evil.  This stupidity has run entirely out of control and there is great dishonesty in our media due to the owners wanting Saudi dictators to win these wars and keep everyone else boxed in or enslaved.


And this is throughly disgusting.  Our imperialism is hardly much better than previous empires including 20th century ones we dislike for good reason.

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