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Oil Prices Drop, EU Leaders Want End To War On Russia, Texas Reels

Francois Hollande suggests sanctions on Russia should be lifted | Daily Mail Online: Germany is eager to stop the charade, too.  The demonization of Putin and then replacing him with an oligarch who would dismember and sell off Russia, has failed miserably.  Putin is now coping with a global sudden oil futures ‘glut’.  That is, the futures bidders thought Russia would be knocked out of world markets last fall, bid up future prices which now are nosediving, driving many speculators into bankruptcy.

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Global Commodity, Stock And Bond Markets All Fall As Debt Buying By Big Central Banks Falters

Global markets plunge as Fed pulls plug on QE -Global stock, bond and commodities markets slump as investors take flight as Fed signals end to QE3 and China’s cash crisis deepens.  This news doesn’t surprise me all that much.  The Chinese said last year they would limit the growth of credit and they did.  Japan greatly expanded credit but mainly only for export international corporate purposes.  The Fed Reserve announced they, too, were going to reduce lending to rich bankers who, in turn, must take into account real inflation, something they don’t want to do right now.  So, the value of gold hoards is also falling.  Commodities of all sorts are falling.  Ditto, stocks.  Etc.   Continue reading


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