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Stupid Computer Trades By Goldman Sachs And JPMorgan Drove Stocks Off Cliff During AP Hack By Syrian Computer Geeks


Fake Tweet Erasing $136 Billion Shows Markets Need Humans:  No kidding!  The computers used by the big banks like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan all are now hooked into the AP feed where these programs are set to ‘see’ bad news and instantly sell stocks with no human intervention.  These computer programs have repeatedly crashed the stock market with zero warning and are a huge hazard to the fair markets for the average investor. Continue reading


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South Korea Computers Hacked And China Warns US To Keep Out Of Korea

While the vast majority of major headlines in the US service the needs of Zionists, creeping up slowly in the news is the increasing mess in Asia.  The US encouraged Abe and the LDP to indulge in not only hyper-nationalist, retraction of apologies for WWII rhetoric but even aggressive imperialism with many claims of distant islands.  Then the US imposed Iran-style economic boycotts of North Korea.  Now, China has decided to up the ante and North Korea goes on the attack, a cyber attack. Continue reading


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