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Ellen Brown Doesn’t Understand How Banks Work: Deposit Insurance In US Different From Europe

Near-ZIRP loans for Americans to buy foreign cars

The US is seeing huge inflation in food, fuel and medical care while near-ZIRP loans are being used to induce people to buy manufactured items, especially made overseas by cheaper labor.  Ellen Brown is VERY popular with people because she alternately gets hysterical about meaningless things or demands more money be printed and handed out like candy because this will ‘fix’ the bubble mess we are in.  People dislike it when I go after popular ‘alternative’ pundits but they are hazardous to our fiscal survival just like the NRA is pushing us off a cliff over guns.  One has to show some minimum sense!  And the history of banking is crystal clear: you cannot print money to fix a burst bubble, this only makes things worse. Continue reading


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