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Black Power Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee Steals Working Lady’s Airline Seat

United apologizes to passenger booted for congresswoman – YouTube


Flying today is like being in a cattle car to hell.  To make money, planes are now loaded up to the gills at various centralized hubs and this includes overselling seats all the time by two or three passengers.  In today’s cattle car news, we have the story of a black Congresswoman who kicked a lady to the back of the bus so she could seize the prized seat for herself.  The lady didn’t go quietly into the back of the plane, going from first class to lower than second class, sitting with the stewardess next to the toilets.  She is now suing the airline.

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DNC Might Be Run By Radical Muslim Keith Ellison: Zionists Exit Fast

The Democratic Party is now possibly going to die.  The alarming demonstrations of leftist females featuring Muslims telling them to wear burkas and call for Allah and death of Israel means Jews are now waking up to the monster they created and are beginning to pack their bags and run off to Israel-friendly Trump’s headquarters…you will all see, they will pile in fast if this radical Muslim Congressman guy wins the head power of the DNC machine.

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Wonderful Pope Francis Attacks Military Industrial Complex! And Kerry Says Laws Are Too Much Bother

I have now decided that the new Pope is the diametric opposite of the old Nazi from Germany Pope:  Pope Francis speaks out against military-industrial complex in St. Peter’s Square  and the Pope thanks public for joining his Syria vigil  both stories mainly buried in the back pages of the warmongering Zionist media.  Oh, how they hate him now.If he keeps this up, I will have to tell my Catholic husband to go back to church again!  I hope this Pope also endorses women’s rights.  Then, I will love him.  Here is what he said:

The Pope said he wonders “if this war here or there is really a war, or is it a commercial war to sell these arms?”

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