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Obama Was A Dictator And Trump Can Be One, Too



I notice that the Washington Post actually had editorials and stories about ‘rule via fiat’ about Obama before it was bought by Amazon.com Bezos.  Now, it is 100% Bilderberg propaganda and utter, rank lies and I now call it ‘fake news’ all the time.  I went to Google, which is increasingly fake, too, to locate previous stories complaining about the dictatorial powers Obama seized so disastrously.  That is, he wrecked the DNC pretty good at this point with Hillary doing her best to utterly annihilate the DNC.

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Former US Gitmo Attorney Iglesias Wants Benghazi Kidnap Victim Tried In ‘Shadow Of Twin Towers’

The distorted thinking of all of our officials and leaders is causing a mental and moral collapse.  Striving to continue the post-WWII imperialist powers has led to a degenerative thinking process that infects everything especially diplomacy and legal thinking.  Once we got rid of the need to have Congress vote for wars or basic civil rights after 9/11, this new perpetual war is engineered by petulant, power hungry globalists who have secret meetings to discuss with foreign powers, how to circumvent or compel Americans into wild military spending which is bankrupting our nation and destroying our economy.

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Supreme Court Justices Dance On Head Of A Pin: Church Invades Government

I have warned about the makeup of the Supreme Court.  Most of the justices are Catholics and the remainder are Jews.  Not one Protestant or Buddhist or Muslim or anything is nominated.  This is done to gain support of religious based bribers of Congress and Presidents running for office.  They then get their piece of meat which means warping the Constitution so it is increasingly leaning towards ethnic cleansing and religious warfare.  Today’s ruling that religious pressure groups and force their religious prayers on the public in non-religious events is disgusting and will lead to riots and assassinations and hatred.

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Obama Goes To China So Hero Snowden Strikes Again: Reveals NSA Spied On All China

NSA spying on US citizens

Daily News: Whistleblower In NSA Reveals The Security Agency Has Been Spying On All Americans! is an article I wrote way back in 2006.  The black cat cartoon character is from an NSA icon they used for one of their spying efforts.  There is a lot of black magic iconography for the NSA like the recent one of a wizard, for example.  Obama is in China today and they are pissed at him for spying on everyone.  And the cloud computer hosts are freaking out due to people refusing to use them now due to NSA spying. Continue reading


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Crimea Accused Of Unconstitutional Autonomy Vote—By Unconstitutional Coup In Kiev

The people of the autonomous region of Crimea have decided to have a vote about being ruled by a gang of upstarts who overthrew and elected President totally illegally.  So they want to probably sever themselves from the US/NATO regime.  This, in turn, is causing the European confederation to issue threats:  BBC News – Ukraine crisis: ‘Illegal’ Crimean referendum condemned

In press conferences after the talks, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy both said the Crimean referendum was contrary to the Ukrainian constitution and therefore illegal.

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Wonderful Pope Francis Attacks Military Industrial Complex! And Kerry Says Laws Are Too Much Bother

I have now decided that the new Pope is the diametric opposite of the old Nazi from Germany Pope:  Pope Francis speaks out against military-industrial complex in St. Peter’s Square  and the Pope thanks public for joining his Syria vigil  both stories mainly buried in the back pages of the warmongering Zionist media.  Oh, how they hate him now.If he keeps this up, I will have to tell my Catholic husband to go back to church again!  I hope this Pope also endorses women’s rights.  Then, I will love him.  Here is what he said:

The Pope said he wonders “if this war here or there is really a war, or is it a commercial war to sell these arms?”

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Obama Admits He Gets NSA Information From SNOWDEN Not Government Officials!

Obama says he learns what NSA is doing from the press, then goes to NSA for details: this amazing admission which came at the end of a press conference about murdering Syrians using missiles, means one of several terrible things.


1. The President is ‘out of the loop’ when it comes to running our government.

2. The spies are keeping their nefarious activities secret from both Congress AND the President.

3. The President is lying and pretending he doesn’t know so he isn’t guilty of destroying the Constitution.

4. The real rulers are the spies and those they work with who happen to be foreigners in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Israel as well as England.

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