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Chief FIU Engineer Saw Bridge Cracks, Told Everyone It Was No Problem

(9) Florida bridge collapse – YouTube


It is now obvious that the builders of the collapsed bridge will probably go to prison or at least will be sued to bankruptcy by the bridge collapse.  They held a meeting just two hours before the collapse where the company assured everyone, the cracks were no problem.  This was utterly insane and irresponsible.  I did structural engineering most of my life and any cracks like the ones on the bridge would cause me to shut down everything and immediately put up supports.

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Immigration Bill Sets Strict Limits On Builder Visas As Left & Right Unite In Congress

I worked for many years building or rebuilding houses.  I watched wages in that field collapse after 1992 and this collapse fell to the cellar when free trade and an overt refusal to protect our borders from illegal aliens (yes, they are aliens as well as breaking the law!) flooded this field and drove out any citizens who were carpenters or brick layers, etc.  The housing boom coincided with a flood of cheap alien labor who worked under dangerous conditions and the profit from this flowed into the developer’s hands with contractors who benefited at first, losing their own jobs since they couldn’t communicate with their cheap labor.  So, the new immigration bill is filled with holes to allow big business to flood labor markets with cheap labor, except for builders who will be forced to hire Americans. Continue reading


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