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US Corporations Kill Thanksgiving Celebrations And US Workers

Teamsters Union

Teamsters UnionThanksgiving is a Federal Holiday that was supposed to allow workers a day off for feeling gratitude for living in America.  This holiday has been steadily eroded over the years by mega international corporations to the point, the holiday barely exists anymore.  When Thursday Vanishes on Thanksgiving – NYTimes.com is one of many stories talking about how relentlessly Big Business and Big Media have been relentlessly waring on Thanksgiving and steadily eroding it to nothingness. But then, Native Americans Mark Day of Mourning on Thanksgiving: “We are vanishing, we are not conquered…as Indian as well as other casinos all remain open Thanksgiving Day.


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NSA Spy Story Still Very Disconnected As Political Parties And Corporations Pretend They Are Not Co-conspirators Within Bilderberg Meetings

Culture Life News Big Brother Is Spying On You

Dear readers, for many years I have been talking online about the Security State and its true history and nature.  I grew up watching the machinery of this proto-soviet State being built because my father is one of the builders of this machine.  I exposed CIA/FBI spying on students in the sixties.  Our security state now reaches everyone everywhere all the time as I feared it would.  Below is an article I wrote way back in 2005 predicting PRISM: Continue reading


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