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Gigantic, Five Year Old Navy Corruption Scandal Finally Makes News Today


Above are the top stories at the Washington Post today.  Not the story I am discussing, the international bribery scandal in the Pentagon.  Anyone remember all the Lockheed bribery scandals?  I do!  Right when the Vietnam War was still unwinding into infamy and defeat, the vultures came out due to Nixon and his gang being corrupt and used bribery to get Pentagon pigs who are safe at home, to betray the taxpayers by running up gigantic ‘defense’ bills via buying super expensive weapons systems.

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Mueller Teases America, Claims He Plans To Indite Unknown People…Next Week.

The Bilderberg tool, Prosecutor Mueller, suddenly announced last night of all times, that he is going to indite and prosecute some unknown people…NEXT WEEK.  HAHAHA.  The media assumes he will only attack Trump people.  I assume this, too.  He was forced to do this because Trump declared war on the DNC and GOP Bilderberg leaders causing several GOP House and Senate top leaders to give up.  Trump has successfully run his own candidates against them this last month and they are scared that their little conspiratorial gravy train is derailing.  So time to openly attack Trump yet again and again and again.  Will we, the voters, win this battle?  We shall see…

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NBC News And New York Times Struggle To Lie About Weinstein And Trump

The mainstream media gets away with near continuous lying about salient facts and pushing for events to happen like war crimes.  At the Nüremberg Trials, the Nazis who ran the media in Germany were accused of war crimes for this reason and now here we are with open war crimes being created by the Washington Post, New York Times and mainstream TV news.  We also are seeing a massive crash and burn in Hollywood which continues to burn like the fires in California that is destroying homes built in high-danger fire zones.  California is falling to pieces!  What a not a surprise.

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Pentagon Tells Trump Cutting F35 Jet Procurement Means Costing $30 Billion MORE!

Remember this from February?  Trump boasts he got $600m off F 35 jets – YouTube


Well, today the Pentagon and military industrial giant strikes back!  Air Force’s Slower F-35 Buy Rate Spurs Nearly $30B Cost Hike: This Frankenstein procurement program is relentless.  The history of this ‘fighter jet’ (sic) is one long looting expedition on the taxpayer’s dime.  It makes frequent news because it is doomed.  That is, we will see it bombing our economic systems until it is replaced with an even more expensive self-destruct device.  All Russia has to do is say ‘boo’ periodically to bankrupt the US.  The connection between the DNC/GOP and mass media attacking Trump every time he tries to make contact with Putin and our destructive military agenda that is bankrupting the nation isn’t hard to see yet it is totally concealed from the public except for online news organizations like my own.

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Washington And Berlin On Collision Course As Merkel Tries To Enslave US Taxpayers

Trump Merkel White House meeting, no handshake – YouTube from last March when Trump decided to begin confrontations with freeloading European leaders.


All our long succession of Bilderberg gang Presidents, we have protected European and Asian ‘allies’ at our own expense as our budget deficit ballooned to many trillions of dollars.  These fake allies are demanding this continue to infinity and as Trump goes from one foreign military confrontation to another…like all previous Presidents, at least he is openly demanding that our freeloading fake allies start protecting themselves instead of having US taxpayers do this for them.  About time!  And they resent this tremendously.

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Entire Democratic Committee on Foreign Affairs Hired Corrupt Pakistanis To Run Computers

Top Congressional Democrats hacked by their own Muslim IT team who were taking over $100,000 in bribes from Iraqis wanting to control the DNC. This scandal isn’t front page news at the mainstream Fake News system but it is being chatted about online.  The darkness surrounding our criminal Congress is amazing to watch and painfully obvious now.

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NSA ‘Watchdog Chief’ Ellard Suspended For Retaliating Against Staff Who Exposed Corruption


The NSA is in the news today but before we go to that dark hell hole to see what the spooks are doing to each other, first we must look at what this odious office is supposed to be doing:  Official NSA webpage


The United States today faces very real, very grave national security threats. Extremism and international terrorism flourish in too many areas of the world, threatening our warfighters, our allies and our homeland. Regional conflicts can have serious effects on U.S. national interests. Hostile foreign governments and terrorists trade in, or seek to acquire, weapons of mass destruction and/or the materials to produce them. Tons of illegal drugs are smuggled into our country each year.


What is a ‘warfighter’?  I never saw this word before and I do a lot of reading about wars.  ‘Warfighter’ is not the best way to define service members.  Evidently, it is the name given to ‘soldiers’ in a video game called Medal of Honor: Warfighter.  Yes, it comes from a silly video game!


The newest threats we face, and perhaps the fastest growing, are those in cyberspace. Cyber threats to U.S. national and economic security increase each year in frequency, scope and severity of impact. Cyber criminals, hackers and foreign adversaries are becoming more sophisticated and capable every day in their ability to use the Internet for nefarious purposes.


Aha.  So, the whole hysteria about ‘Russian hackers’ was packaged up before the election by these crazy ‘warfighters.’


But while cyberspace offers great opportunities, it also comes with vulnerabilities. Our information networks and technology are constantly at risk from a variety of bad actors using a multitude of techniques – remote hacking intrusions, the placement of malware, spearphishing and other means of gaining access to networks and information.


Terrorists and extremist groups today use the power of the Internet, especially social media, to spread their messages of hate and intolerance, and to recruit new members, often targeting vulnerable young people. The global reach of cyberspace and the complexity of its networks provide bad actors ample places to hide, safe from the reach of international law.


What really irks these guys is, their dark secrets being revealed.  Thus, the rage at Assange and Snowden.  So what is cooking there is the DC area?  What are these clowns up to in reality?


NSA watchdog chief is suspended after he ‘retaliated against whistleblower who revealed financial misconduct at the agency’… HAHAHA.


 It emerged last week that Admiral Mike Rogers, director of NSA, had placed Ellard on leave and recommended that he be terminated.


The case stemmed from an unidentified whistleblower’s claims of financial misconduct by NSA officials involving a conference in Nashville, Tennessee.


The whistleblower said that after he raised his concerns, his name was disclosed to Ellard in violation of rules intended to protect government employees who want to report misconduct.


The whistleblower said his email response had been cleared by the NSA. The agency declined to comment independently on the case. Ellard’s attorney did not respond to requests for comment.


Ellard, who is appealing that decision, received attention in 2014 for remarks at Georgetown University Law Center criticizing Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor who had leaked secret documents about the surveillance program.


Snowden says he went public because he feared retaliation from his superiors if he had raised his concerns with them. Ellard insisted that Snowden could have safely come to him.


So, this ties everything together, doesn’t it?  Snowden was correct to believe he would be punished if he complained about the hanky pinky going on in the Spook community.  Ellard is lying about it being safe to go to him since he punished a whistle blower who did go to him, the jerk.


Lies and deception are part of the Shadowlands, the Outerdarkness and the Spook world.


IMF chief Christine Lagarde will NOT be axed despite criminal negligence conviction as she rules out appealing French court’s verdict…yes, she can commit crimes and get a slap on the wrist.  Got it.  She should join the NSA.

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