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Bilderberg Bullies, Krugman And Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, Snarl At Scots

▶ Braveheart Freedom Speech (HD) – YouTube

It increasingly looks like, despite the news that the Prince of England is spawning more children, the Scots want to exit this lovely hotel and live on their own which has thoroughly enraged the Bilderberg gang which wants to decimate many countries but not their home bases like England or the US.  Or Ukraine, for that matter.  But the Scots are determined and the more the media owners and their political pals scream at the Scots, the more the Scots shake their fists and yell their famous battle cries.

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Suicidal EU Leaders Whine About Russia Imposing Increasing Boycotts And Other Obvious Tactics


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Translation: Russia’s Foreign Minister says, our troops must be prepared for war.


Russia hasn’t turned off the gas to Europe…yet.  This is logical.  The money continues to pour in from Europe while Europe chose…STUPIDLY…to start a boycott of Russia which Russia retaliated with something like that…for now.  Russia’s leaders aren’t stupid. They know their history.  And their most powerful general is General зима (Zima, aka: Winter).  The EU thinks it can carry on business as usual with Russia strangling them as soon as the snow flies.  Why would Putin cut off the fuel today when it is more effective and sharp during the cold days that are looming very much, it is a cold, cold summer here in the US and I am betting, a cold winter for Europe as the polar vortex shifts across the planet.

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Russia Now Owns Half Of Black Sea, NATO Enraged, Becomes More Violent


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One of the more interesting forces at work today is the confluence of the Hubbert Energy Peak which is very real and is causing energy prices to rise relentlessly while searching for new sources of CO2 producing energy runs very high while at the same time, the very same people launching energy coups and wars are yelling about how we are in a CO2 crisis and the peasants have to stop consuming energy or else the entire planet will burn up!

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90% Voters In Eastern Ukraine Want Out of NATO Dictatorship Kiev Rule

The catastrophic US diplomatic disaster roars onwards.  Playing on irrational fears of Russia who has invaded no one unlike NATO which has invaded many countries this last 25 years, our elites managed to scare feeble minded people into supporting rank, outright fascism complete with Nazi regalia in Ukraine.

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US Encourages Killing Of Russian Ukrainians, Puts US Student In Prison Up To 5 Years For Hitting Cop With Elbow

Dozens injured, fatalities on both sides in ongoing military op in Slavyansk (VIDEO) — RT News

Ukraine: many feared dead in fresh Slavyansk clashes  after Brennan of CIA ‘Warmongers R US Agents’ fame visited secretly and gave permission to the coup to kill.  No Russians among Slavyansk self-defense forces – NYT reporters as yet again, the NYT had to admit they made up propaganda stuff.  This war is a classic.  The US lies about the genesis and then proceeds to imitate Nazis.

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Germany And China To Build ‘New Silk Road’ Through Russia: The New Power Troika

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The US has spied on Germany nearly totally while pretending this is all about ‘Fighting Terror’.  It turns out the US has been doing economic spying on Germany as well as political.  Germany has to pretend this isn’t a big deal because they run a trade surplus with the US and don’t want to rock the boat.  But under the surface, rage is rising.  The US has blundered badly with the NSA spying.  But won’t terminate this stupid activity.  Oh no, not at all.

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Oligarchs Unite To Stop Putin: Obama Says Crimea Vote Worse Than US Invasion Of Iraq

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The Arab League slams Syrian regime ‘massacres’ but is perfectly OK with Saudi-funded wars of aggression, suppression of Shi’ites under Arab Sunni rule, gross violation of all women’s rights, outright slavery, and of course, funding al Qaeda so they can attack various countries including the US on 9/11.

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