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Jerry Brown Forces California Prosecutors To Downgrade Illegal Alien Felonies To Misdemeanors

BREAKING: California Prosecutor Prioritizes The Rights Of Violent Criminal Immigrants (Note we can’t call these criminals ‘illegal aliens’!)


If a violent criminal is picked up by the police, the prosecutors in the state of California are under orders to reduce the charges so it is a misdemeanor.  Not only will the release an army of illegal alien criminals on California (and if they travel, the rest of the USA)  but it is also the exact same ‘solution’ DNC-run ghetto cities use to keep the crime statistics down even as crime ravages every neighborhood.


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Oroville Dam Operators Will Again Stop Overflow Entirely


Due to popular demand, more Oroville Dam news: DWR to Halt Flows Down Wrecked Spillway Yes, this is news from the last few hours.  We can clearly see from the photo below which was taken yesterday afternoon, that the water level is no longer at flood stage, we can see the brown perimeter of the lake now.  They have to fix the main dam which is what runs the electricity systems and remove tons of flood debris.  Also in the news: France is burning down and the Bilderberg gang is allowing this. Continue reading


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WWIII Looms: DNC Hopes Hispanics Flood US & Then Vote For Them, Global Warming Means No Vacuum Cleaners In EU, HAHAHA

From the Washington Post:  How demographics may whip the GOP…Even if the GOP wins the Senate this year, migration and the Latino vote could take it away in 2016.  I see this as gloating all over the liberal press.  The naked push to legalize illegal aliens so the Democrats can win elections is rather treasonous, I would suggest.  Why not import millions of voters for their party from other places?  Not China which is conservative, of course.  But then Hispanics tend to be conservatives, too.

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