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Secret Kennedy Assassination Files: OSWALD KNEW RUBY, Met at Airport Flight to CUBA

From England’s news:  JFK files – Explosive documents reveal Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby met each other TWICE in weeks before assassination, went to Cuba together to ‘cut sugar cane’ and were heard discussing ‘Big Bird’


This is a huge bombshell.  The government commission that investigated the Kennedy assassination hid this bombshell for most of my long life.  No surprise to me, my father’s work in Germany was classified for even longer due to the Nazi business.  In this case, it is now known for certain that Ruby met Oswald and they talked together before Oswald, a leftist who wanted to be a communist, flew to Cuba to cut sugar cane.  I knew people who did this, Castro loved luring them in to ‘do real work’ and I thought it was all a big joke.  Well, it wasn’t a joke.

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Friday Funnies and Frauds and Opportunities Galore!

“You Spent 353 Minutes Attacking Trump” Sarah Sanders Slams Reporter – YouTube:

Finally, someone with brains is representing Trump: Sarah Sanders.  While the fake news clown circus show focused on TWEETS and all sorts of idiot stuff, she explained exactly how many minutes of her time, answering questions, were devoted to top issues today: virtually none.  The vast majority were about Trump being a Russian agent and tweets!  This childish fixation on trivial matters characterizes the mainstream media.

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Puff The Magic Dragon NASA Orbital Resupply Rocket Goes Poof—Explodes During Virginia Launch

Because the EU and US elites needed badly to demonize Russia again so they could control their home populations, scare them and herd them into destructive economic choices, they used the shooting down of the Air Malaysia flight as a propaganda tool.  But this works only if no one sees the actual evidence so they deliberately hid this now for two months.  I keep waiting for them to release this data online and of course, the longer it is buried, the more obvious it is, the actual data totally contradicts the official stories put out by Western media and all the EU/US rulers who conspired, yes, CONSPIRED to lie about this matter.  Now, investigators who are professionals are refusing to go along with the ‘Blame Putin!’ game and are telling the truth.  The contract for Putin to supply the Space Station was terminated even though it was very cheap, and replaced with a very expensive alternative run by our billionaires, the ‘Dragon’ rocket which was named after the song.

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Oligarchs Run Most Governments Thanks To Free Trade And Low Taxes On Extreme Wealth

Super rich are pulling further ahead of even the majority of ‘one per centers’ | Mail Online

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 7.22.35 AM

Much of the world is ruled by the super rich.  Oligarchs have thrived greatly, since the fall of communism and the rise of free trade which erases borders and unleashed a tsunami of money printing by mostly the US.  Our own oligarchs have passed tax bills that remove nearly all obligations to pay for our government.  In turn, the very rich use this loot to either run for office or buy politicians to do their bidding.  In most cases, what they want is more money for themselves and less money for the rest of us while madly grinding away at the money making machine which is ‘debt’.  Our debt rises, their wealth increases.

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Snow In Egypt: Global Cooling More And More Obvious

cold north winter 2013

World High Temperatures Map

Storm brings unusually heavy snow to parts of Middle East – latimes.com Such storms are rare, last December snowfall was in 1953. Last year there were two snow storms, one in January and one in March.  People are freezing to death in refugee camps.  Snow closes roads in Israel, is a source of wonder in Egypt where it virtually never, ever snows. Continue reading


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AIPAC Demands More Sanctions On Iran And Double Military Money For Israel

Our diplomatic and banking systems have been nearly totally destroyed by AIPAC billionaires who are Jewish.  They have this death grip on Congress, the Presidency and above all, our media systems.  This is all exploited on behalf of Zionist dreams of being this Evil Octopus that controls the entire planet earth on behalf of lunatic dreams about eliminating all Muslims, Christians and others from the misnamed ‘Holy Land’.


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CIA Gloats In JFK Assassination TV Show ‘We Are Keystone Cops, You Know’

CIA chief claims they are stupid

Video: Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald? | Watch FRONTLINE Online | PBS Video: this film covers many issue concerning Oswald and even mentions the most important point of all, that nearly all of the extensive CIA files on Oswald are classified and that the Warren Commission lawyers couldn’t see them.  The Man above is a CIA big wig who gloats gleefully to the Frontline crew that the CIA is ‘Keystone cops’ and thus, incompetent when it comes to international spy versus spy stuff.

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