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Liberals Double Down On Attacking Children And Babies

The fake apologies about defaming white male children in the name of PC SJW politics: the liberals continue sustained, personal attacks on these children.

The sustained attacks on the children of Covington continues by deranged ‘liberals’.  This is a fascinating event that shows very clearly how leftist ideology turns normal people into murderous criminals.  All leftist regimes end in mass murder and starvation especially the huge ones like Maoist China.  The very same day Christians marched against abortions, the left marched for killing even 8 month fetuses as per the new NY law put in place by a Catholic governor, Cuomo.


What I am seeing these days is a total meltdown of the liberal ideology as it morphs into outright Maoism.  I have tangled with Maoists in the past and my father tangled directly with Madame Mao in China.  These people are insane.  It is a very dangerous, ugly, violent ideology and full of contradictions.


One thing is, the victims all must have no to few children, the children must learn only one ideology in state schools, everyone has to wear uniforms that hide sex, and no one has the right to any privacy at home.  Yes, the crazy moralists who are Maoists want to and intend on spying on everyone at home so they can punish people for breaking an immense catalogue of rules, many of which are sexual in nature.


We see this identical Maoism in Europe, too.  I am highly aware of this because of my past battles with Maoists.  Maoism destroys economic systems, too.  Note the above winning cartoon: it is vicious, defamatory, misrepresents facts, demonizes children.  It is an evil cartoon.


What is most infuriating about the cartoon is the box mocking the pro-life marchers as evil.  Abortion is what I call an unfortunate but necessary evil.  I had an abortion of a baby I desperately wanted 20 years ago.


I am the rarest blood type: AB negative.  The baby had a different blood type which was pure poison for my blood and I became violently ill and it was literally killing me so I had to have an abortion.  Radical pro-life people don’t consider this sort of medical reason for abortions so I am a pro-abortion person.


BUT…this whole business with the left is all about ‘morals’: they want everyone to embrace their ‘morals’ without question or be punished while they don’t have to follow anyone else’s moral compass.


This ‘you obey me while I do as I please’ is the definition of tyranny.  They can’t attack children in school and unborn babies if they are ‘moral’ and ‘love humanity’.  They hate humanity.  What they want is ‘do as I will.’   That, by the way, is the motto of Satanism.


Instead of apologizing to children wearing hats that enrage abortion loving leftists, the Washington Post continues to be pure evil which is funny since I know they are now going to be sued by the Covington boys:

There’s nothing banal or benign about the hat, no matter its wearer’s intent. It was weaponized by the punch-throwing Trump rally goers, the Charlottesville white supremacists, Trump’s nomination of Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Kanye West and proponents of the wall, the wall, the wall.


This deranged editorial is exactly how the leftists view reality.  It is very odd how, every time leftists and radicals physically attack people wearing Trump hats, it is the fault of the victims because this magic hat triggers insane rage in these lunatics.


Once, in NYC on the subway, I did one of my citizen’s arrests when a deranged man began to stare at a mother’s baby and started talking about how evil the baby was, then got up and menaced her and I took him down.  Deranged people see evil everywhere.


The hat has become a symbol of us vs. them, of exclusion and suspicion, of garrulous narcissism, of white male privilege, of violence and hate. For minorities and the disenfranchised, it can spark a kind of gut-level disgust that brings ancestral ghosts to the fore. Here, in 2019, their painful past is present.


This is called ‘projection’ and this is what people suffering from paranoia do: they see danger everywhere while ignoring the reality that they, themselves, are highly dangerous due to uncontrollable feelings of rage and fear provoked by the oddest things including young boys wearing hats, minding their own business.


NY Daily News: NY Gov. Cuomo’s abortion in third trimester is OK with top Catholic Archbishop.


Some Catholic leaders in the country are calling for Gov. Cuomo to be excommunicated after he signed and publicly celebrated a new law last week expanding and strengthening abortion rights in New York. But Timothy Cardinal Dolan, the Archbishop of New York who has expressed anger over the governor’s actions, is not likely to take the extreme step of slapping him with the Church’s most severe penalty.


He angered many Catholics by not just signing the bill, but ordering that landmarks like One World Trade Center be lit in pink in celebration.


This is how important the radical feminist base is for the DNC: willing to dump the Catholics over this issue.

The war against white males is picking up.  Once upon a time, the US let in people of all colors, all religions and all cultures and gave them equal rights.  Now, this is being systematically destroyed.  One iron rule we had for generations was, everyone learns English so we would not have the troubles of say, Europe due to multiple languages.


Well, that was ditched some years ago and now Spanish is on everything and assimilation is faltering and Hispanic students are being dumbed down in schools unable to progress quickly to mastering various classes due to language difficulties.

So, Brokaw is now broken.  He will be demonized by people who were utterly OK with the open Mexican flag waving during the election cycles.  Attacking citizens while screaming in Spanish, waving Mexican flags in California, gangs literally beat up people going to Trump rallies.


California is the home base for nutty nuts.  The Hollywood nuts are becoming violent across the board due to being deranged leftists:


Lang has been charged felony charges of making criminal threats after cops swarmed the late night host’s Hermosa Beach, California, just before midnight on Saturday.


Police allegedly were dispatched due to a 911 call from a male in the residence claiming to have assaulted a girlfriend with a rifle and to be in possession of two explosives.


Kimmel and his wife Molly McNearney were not at the home, as it is not the Kimmel family’s primary residence. Police instead spent ‘several hours’ trying to make contact with Lang, who was allegedly asleep.


He wasn’t ‘asleep’ he probably decided to not answer the door after making that phone call.  Kimmel is one of the anti-Trump lunatics on night TV ‘comedy’ shows which are mainly one long, very tedious screed against Trump.  It is sad, watching Hollywood implode…NOT!  I consider that place to be the center of hell.  Yuck.


What is most infuriating is, these idiots in Hollywood lecture us on morals and civility.  Pigs trying to explain how to clean houses, that is who these people are.






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Global Warmist Lunatic NY Gov. Cuomo Complains About NYers Fleeing Severe Cold Winters!

This news story is jaw dropping: global warming fearmonger, Governor Looney Tunes Cuomo, blames migration from NY on COLD WEATHER!  HAHAHA.  I kid you not, in his speech yesterday about the coming year, the extreme snow and cold is what is driving people to flee to warmer places.  Even welfare leeches don’t want to freeze to death, imagine that.

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NY Governor Cuomo Frees Black Communist Cop Killer And Gives Him Right To VOTE

Two police officers, one black, one white, were tortured and murdered by a Black Panther communist radical in New York City way back in 1971.  I knew…I really did know the Weatherman leftist terrorists.  They were truly crazy in horrible ways, they got mad when Nixon won the first election and declared war on him.  The Panthers and Weathermen went nuts and declared a terror war on all of us.  This is happening again following the exact same pattern including the ‘going insane when the voters then choose a Republican President.’

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Muslims Put People In Prison If They Complain About Mosques

‘Blasphemy’: Indonesian Woman Sentenced to Prison for Saying Local Mosque Was Too Loud | Breitbart: Muslims are extremely intolerant as well as ‘in your face’ at the same time.  This makes them difficult neighbors especially when they do the terrorist stuff, too.  We learned today that in mixed-religions of Indonesia, the Muslims are increasingly violent and intolerant and now, if one complains about things Muslim, they are put in prison for a long term! ‘Religion of tolerance’ is a total lie.

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New York Times Immigrant Editorial Staff Think America Isn’t Great

NYT’s Mara Gay: ‘America Was Never Great’ Is ‘Honest,’ Not a ‘Gaffe’:

the New York Times is now owned by an immigrant family that came over to America from Germany around 100 years ago.  My own Meinel German ancestors on my father’s side came over before the Civil War.  But the rest of my family came before the Mayflower.  We built this country in various ways, founded many cities, some of which were by my Pettit ancestors who named all their towns either ‘Lima’ or ‘Peru’ in memory of the pirate ancestor of ours.  For a bunch of newcomers to yap about how we didn’t make a great country is hugely irritating and I want to deport all these miserable newcomers who evidently don’t like it here, starting with the Cuomo clan.

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NY Gov. Cuomo ‘America Was Never Great’ Even When His Own Daddy Was Governor! HAHAHA.

New York Gov Andrew Cuomo: America ‘Was Never That Great’ | Breitbart

He talks about how women need to ‘reach full potential’ THEN America will be ‘great’.  Good grief.  I suppose this is a call to force women to work like men!  Because being mothers and raising children isn’t ‘great’.  His very own mom was… a stay at home mommy!!!  Also, a report released about thousands of children raped by priests in the Catholic Church in Pittsburgh.  This doesn’t surprise me, almost all religions abuse children this way.  The Cuomos are Catholics who pretend they love children and want them protected.

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CNN Cuomo Says ANTIFA Is Good Guys!

Yes, I once knew Mario Cuomo, Chris’ dad.  This son, on the other hand, has no brains like daddy.  He yaps at CNN and sticks his foot in his mouth so often, he has to be treated for hoof and mouth disease.  He has decided ANTIFA is a good gang and we should be happy a bunch of deranged Maoist terrorists are making America safe.  Good gods.  Also, the rampage of Google, Apple, Facebook and other Bilderberg gangsters online is taking down more sites rapidly, for example, a site that attacks Alex Jones has been banned for mentioning Alex Jones!  Insane and rather funny in a horrible way.

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