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Hackers Destroy You Tube After 4 Chan Punished Yesterday: Full Cyberwar Rages Online! Google On the Ropes


GOOGLE DESTROYED by hackers.  I am not surprised.  Google falsely claimed that a gigantic number of video sites were ‘Russian agents’ or ‘fake’ and eliminated these after experimenting with eliminating Alex Jone’s Inforwars.  Two days ago, 4 Chan anarchists did a funny meme run showing gray faced nonentities called ‘NPC’ Non-player characters which is game talk for characters in video games that are not run by players but are ‘bots’.  Google had a fit when many of these gray faceless posters annoyed SJW staff working for the big internet bosses so they ruthlessly eliminated all of the gray non-player icon operatives.  So now they struck back, I believe.   Here is how I discovered that You Tube was down, I looked up news stories about this event and found this:

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