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DC Private Investigators Uncover $34 TRILLION Stash In Brit Royal Territorial Islands

world's most expensive painting is stupid


$155 million Picasso painting which is very simple and rather stupid.  But famous!

Nearly all of the top US media outlets are owned by rich billionaires.  So we get Billionaire News like Bloomberg News or the NYT or WP or all the Murdoch outlets plus all the major TV stations.  They quietly kill any news that might harm their super-rich status.  The latest news to be blacked out here in the US is the story broken by a Washington, DC group of investigators.  They pried into the private stashes of the super rich that are parked in ‘banks’ on islands owned by the Queen of England. Continue reading


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Israel Finds Oil, Austerity Kills EU, Kraft Kills Cadbury Easter Eggs, And GOP Hates Gays

Random news today:  Israeli Gas Field Opens, Setting Stage for Energy Boom: well, now can we demand they pay their own way?  Are Jewish leaders in the US going to tolerate more mooching for US tax dollars when they can pay their own way?  Will Congress finally say no to ridiculous demands by AIPAC and foreign Jews?  Time will tell.  I doubt they will stop this gravy train they ride. Continue reading


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Savers Vs Spenders: The Need To Seize Property And Bank Savings

The present crisis hammering the first world banking system isn’t something new or even slightly different.  It is the same old bubble/crash story of the last 500 years or more.  Bad bets eliminate capital and this capital is the savings entrusted to bankers for earning interest.  Fixing this by imposing the ZIRP capital gains system has turned banking on its head while countries offering higher interest returns on savings are seeing their banks go under due to crappy loans mainly in real estate and poor business venture loans. Continue reading


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Japan Will Make F-35 Jets, Not Buy From US

China's J-15 fighter jet

Photos of China’s carrier fighter J-15 – Xinhua | English.news.cn

The US has the world’s most expensive military procurement process.  It costs trillions of dollars per decade.  One major trillion dollar bonanza for the corporations is the F-35.  This gold-plated monstrosity is a top-level airplane.  And would bankrupt any country at war if it is damaged or shot down.  The US can’t replace these expensive machines without going bankrupt. Ergo: they are useless.  They work only if they are used against barely armed peasants in some third world country.  In wars that are not cost-effective. Continue reading


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As I Predicted: Cyprus Riots, Majority Want Putin, Not Merkel And IMF

Cyprus prefers Putin

Four days to save Cyprus: Politicians due to vote on new plan to secure bailout before Monday deadline | Mail Online

A poll for a Cypriot TV station showed that 67.3 per cent say the country should leave the euro and tighten relations with Russia, which is desperate to regain influence in the eastern Mediterranean and Middle East…There is growing concern that Germany’s attempt to strongarm the Mediterranean island, already blamed for undermining confidence in banks across the Continent, is turning into a geopolitical blunder of historic proportions. Continue reading


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South Korea Computers Hacked And China Warns US To Keep Out Of Korea

While the vast majority of major headlines in the US service the needs of Zionists, creeping up slowly in the news is the increasing mess in Asia.  The US encouraged Abe and the LDP to indulge in not only hyper-nationalist, retraction of apologies for WWII rhetoric but even aggressive imperialism with many claims of distant islands.  Then the US imposed Iran-style economic boycotts of North Korea.  Now, China has decided to up the ante and North Korea goes on the attack, a cyber attack. Continue reading


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Cyprus Bank Run Hits Expat Retirees Very Hard

Lulled by the promises of the European Union, many people in colder countries have retired and pulled out of their home communities to retire to the sunny, warm climes of the Mediterranean Sea member states.  They also moved all their money and other things to these countries.  Only now they are finding themselves trapped in Spain, Greece, Italy and other places as the economies there collapse.  Moving to cheaper, warmer places is very tempting but comes at a price!

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