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Dan Rather CBS Lie Totally About Trump CIA Speech

This CBS story about Trump’s triumphant entry into the CIA headquarters is turned 100% on its head with the media wolf dog howling at Trump claiming he had no support from the people there (who cheered him wildly!) and that he was ‘self centered and talked mostly about himself’ (as I pointed out, he was JOKING about himself in a friendly way with a very friendly audience) and ‘how dare he stand before the wall of the dead doing this.’

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Mrs. Obama Complains About Increasing ‘Resegregation’ In Schools

One of the Most Dangerous Schools in America – YouTube, Strawberry Mansion, Philadelphia, PA.

Just this week, at a commencement speech, the First Lady complained about the deteriorating situation in schools especially predominantly black schools.  Here is the NYT story complete with no comments allowed:  Michelle Obama Cites View of Growing Segregation РNYTimes.com


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