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US Media Lies About Foreign Powers And About Global Warming Solutions: All About Looting Citizens, Not Saving Or Protecting Us

▶ ‪#‎SpaceX‬ Falcon 9 rocket explodes minutes after launch on mission to space station – YouTube


U.S. Hired Dictators’ Favorite Hackers – The Daily Beast: DARPA and foreign governments all use this Italian hacking business to hack each other.  Meanwhile, the US whines about Russian and Chinese hackers attacking our systems.  This interminable whining would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.  Of course, news about how our government is riddled with hackers who attack foreign countries INCLUDING allies, this is not published far and wide.  Just like during the Vietnam war when I went to Radio Bulgaria and the Paris press to learn what was really going on, the US citizens who don’t carefully read foreign news are kept in this big black dark box of stupid.  Deaf and dumb, they are stacked like logs for a bonfire as they believe they are all well-informed.  Alas.

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Saudi Prince Bandar Behind Syria Gas Attacks As Well As 9/11

Galloway antiwar speech in Parliament

George Galloway HEATED Speech British Parliament Debate On Military Action Against Syria. 8/29/2013 – YouTube: a must-watch event.  This is how a debate should run.  In Congress, people make speeches mainly to an empty house.  And calls to have Congress vote on something the Constitution demands are ignored by the fake leaders who are all in cahoots with foreign powers who bribe Congress and control our President via operations like AIPAC or under the table like the Saudi royals.
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