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Bully Superman Powers And Gun Control: 4 Year Old Kills Woman With Deputy’s Gun

Superman: the pictorial evolution of Superman has moved from a slightly more muscular than average man to a huge, bloated body builder brute.  As the US has sought more and more to control the world, the worship of bully boys has grown apace.  The gun control issue is part and parcel of the need to appear invincible and this is very easy to do with a gun.  Even a four year old child can murder with a gun as has happened the other day in Tennessee when a child used a deputy’s gun to kill a woman.
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US Imitates Evil Empire Darth Vader War Tactics: The US Clone Wars Begin

Way back when Lucas, who I knew when I was a student in Arizona at the same time he was going to school, first released his great movie, Star Wars, I said, ‘The US is the Evil Empire.’  That is, Lucas was responding to the antiwar movement back then by glorifying the guerilla fighters who were fighting our empire back then.  He hoped that courage, big hearts and love would overcome the machinery of a greedy, hostile, hungry empire.  He went on further on this topic in later movies which are very popular but guess who is the most dramatic and popular character in these movies?

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