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Global Warming Hysteria Shoots Upwards As Most Severe Winter In Half Century Freezes Many Million People

Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 5.14.48 AM


This burning planet picture was used just last week by the noxious Huffington Post to illustrate ‘climate change’.  I have noted over time that ‘hotter and hotter’ is the change they really mean but to keep people from lynching them, the Global Warming believers have hidden their religion under the false name of ‘Climate Change’.  People are literally freezing to death across the nation and our President has said nothing, people ar running out of salt for clearing ice from roads or fuel to heat their homes, accidents and stalled economy are also being hard hit by the severe cold yet not so much as a peep from Obama or the liberals who used to pretend to care about Americans.  Even California’s drought which was the last twig the warmists could cling to has ended with a great deal of rain.  Rats!  Poor babies.  They so much wanted us to all weep for the warm weather enthusiasts living there, laughing at the rest of us shivering in the cold. Continue reading


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NROL-39: The Evil Octopus Emblem Perfect For Bilderberg Gang Controlling US Citizens

NSA scary octopus

Top-secret government spy satellite launched into space with sinister cartoon octopus logo and boast that ‘Nothing Is Beyond Our Reach’ | Mail Online

The US military/spy organizations that serve our foreign masters who are known as the Global Elites loves to advertise this.  The Evil Octopus is a very apt image of this spy outfit.  Mossad and the CIA have to spy on everyone in order to make the rich bastards even richer.  Note how the Evil Octopus is crouching on the US.  This is because the US public is paying 100% for this monster that is oppressing us.  All its high, high cost is being piled up on our public debt bill.


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Death Stalks Us All And The US Is The Grim Reaper Worldwide

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau: Kindertotenlieder (Radio-Symphonie Berlin, Lorin Maazel, 1968) – YouTube

Lightning 1955 pt 2 running away from death

When I was less than six years old, Death stalked me and then whacked me directly and I died.  My heart stopped when I was hit by a rather large lightning bolt.  As a small child, I was intimately familiar with the Gates of Death and the Outer Darkness.  The adult response to this matter was, in my childhood eyes, totally queer.  They wanted me to disappear!  I was troublesome.  I asked questions about Life that they didn’t want to think about so they wanted me to vanish forever.  My relationship with Eternity, Infinity, the dire goddesses that rule Nature, comes directly from this childhood experience.  The world is a cruel place.  And Nature is dangerous yet beautiful.  And Death stalks all of us all the time, we are merely unaware of this living as if it doesn’t exist.  Even as we love to be entertained by Death.  But then, Death gets the last laugh, all of us die!  Every one of us! Continue reading


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