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Macron’s Global Warming Scam Freezes To Death

From Mad Magazine way back in the freezing cold cycle of the 1960’s to 1980.  It was very, very cold indeed back then!  Well, this cartoon puppy looks a lot like my little dog who refused to go outside to pee the other week due to it being -6F outside!  It was a warm 6F this morning which is ten degrees warmer!  Whoopie!  More global warming!  The riots in France are about fake global warming with the gigant taxes on energy to save the planet from this supposed heat stuff.

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US In Deep Freeze, NOAA Finally Admits This—Nuclear Weather, The Fallout Is Killing, Too

NOAA forecast still has Northeast 'normal' winter

Atlanta – Arctic air hits United States, bringing rare snowstorm to South – NY Daily News: the NOAA ‘climatologists’ (sic) confidently predicted last October that the entire US would have a very, very warm winter.  Meanwhile,  I was frantically churning out a mountain of firewood because I knew we were doomed to a very cold, long winter.  As I feared, before Thanksgiving it went below zero here which is most unusual.  We have had repeated pulses of below zero weather since then.  The latest one being the coldest so far.  It is so cold, the entire nation outside one small sliver out west was below freezing with snow in Dixie.

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