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Senator Rand Paul Demands Answers At Hearings About CIA New Chief, Ms. Haspel

Earlier today, I sent the a letter inquiring about Ms. Haspel’s involvement or coordination in possible surveillance of then-candidate . I await a response.

Senator Rand Paul Sends Letter to CIA Inquiring About Haspel’s Involvement in Trump Campaign Surveillance


Haspel is a CIA woman who supervised torture of 9/11 men arrested overseas by the CIA.  The entire mess of 9/11 continues to amaze me.  The fact that bin Laden was kidnapped from his hideout then supposedly, with zero proof, thrown out of a helicopter into the ocean is typical of all events connected to 9/11.  I long ago knew that this was done so he could be decapitated and his skull handed over to the Bush/Cheney gang who then gave it to the Yale Skull and Bones coven.  So, Rand Paul who I like more and more as time passes, is raising objections to Haspel’s CIA promotion and look: it is due to her and her gang spying on Trump, of all things!


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MSNBC Is Enraged That 74% US Citizens Think We Are Ruled By ‘Deep State’ aka Bilderberg Gang

03 20 2018 06 10 44 – YouTube


Much of the US public doesn’t know the term ‘Deep State’.  I was born inside the Deep State, grew up in it and fought it.  This is why I am not known to the public due to the media, the propaganda arm of the Deep State, is run by Bilderberg conspirators who prevent anyone like me from being in the news.  But thanks to the internet revolution, many of us are on line and spreading real information which infuriates the Real Rulers no end.

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