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Looting: The Poor Underclass And Rich Upperclass At War With Middle Class

Rioters continue to burn down Ferguson while the governor finally let the National Guard in…far too late.  Increasingly, we see irrationality take over our political system and there are many causes for this one of the biggest being, our political system is totally corrupt due to bribery.  And it is now tone-deaf to voters meanwhile, the underclass unemployed don’t vote hardly at all but instead, are on a rampage which is being exploited for the wrong ends.  ‘Racism’ is NOT fixed by black people burning down cities, it makes it much worse.  Who on earth wants to live or go to school or work with people who might turn around and loot and burn the city?  No one, of course.  But the fantasy that this sort of annihilistic behavior will fix our corrupt system continues.


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NATO Approves Of Full Military Attacks On Separatist East Ukrainians After Fake Election: Many Killed

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In Slavyansk, a young woman is killed by a bomb attack by US/NATO Ukraine occupation forces.


This brings little in the way of headlines in the US/Bilderberg owned media.  But the coup in Kiev launched full scale military warfare on citizens objecting to the coup in Eastern Ukraine.  All attempts by Putin to talk nice and do nothing has led to a continuous blood bath in a number of cities.  I recall Obama and his henchman, Kerry, whining about Syria stopping an uprising using military force!  They wanted the UN to condemn this.  Now, it is OK to do the exact same thing.  In Egypt, Sisi won his fake election after disbanding opposing parties and executing the entire leadership of the #1 political party.  The US duo aping Bush and Cheney fully approve of this fake ‘democracy’.

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India Votes Overwhelming For Right Wing BJP Due To Voters Hating IMF Rules

Screen shot 2014-05-16 at 8.37.36 AM

As it happens in all depressions: nationalist socialist parties surge while liberalism dies.  In the US, liberals are busy amputating themselves by pushing ‘global warming’ (sic) which applies virtually only to California and Florida while other states freeze.  In India, the BJP party won hugely in this election due to the Congress party trying to do the IMF two step, that is, cutting taxes and cutting social services while driving down inflation to ZIRP levels.


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Pew Poll Shows US Public Worried About Jobs And Illegal Immigration While Elites Hate US Jobs For Citizens And Want Illegal Labor

PEW poll shows US public wants jobs

The Great Convergence of American Foreign Policy Beliefs: young Mr. Drezner’s analysis of the above data published in Foreign Policy magazine is really silly and his conclusion is, the general public is forming a convergence not flying apart with the Bilderberg elites global power push.  I see the exact opposite and feel this is obvious, there is no convergence at all, the goals and desires of the public are nearly totally at odds with the rich except when it comes to two amazing things: democracy for other people on earth and improving other people’s living standards.


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Senile Senate Joins White House Puppet Screaming At Putin Saying ‘America Isn’t Exceptional’

The warmongering neocon bullyboys at the White House are throwing an infantile temper tantrum because Putin pointed out that the US is not ‘exceptional’ (except when it comes to delusional lies!):   White House Pokes Russia over Putin’s Syria Op-Ed | World | RIA Novosti

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US-Funded Military Coup Butchers Citizens Of Egypt Protesting Illegal Coup

Egypt Cracks down on demonstrators


The US has a very long, deadly history of supporting military coups and violent repression of voters.  Across the globe, in Europe, Africa, especially Central and South America, in Asia: the US has supported violent military suppression of democracy if the voters ever put into power anyone the US hates which is…nearly anyone who wants to change the international ‘free trade/floating fiat currency’ regime rules or tax the rich or whatever.  The US taxpayers have paid trillions of dollars in military/political support of these coups and repressive regimes all while the US proclaims, we support and defend ‘democracy’.

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