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Many Anti-sex GOP Are Sex Fiends

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Dennis Hastert and the chain of congressional corruption: not only did he, like most everyone in Congress and our Presidents, take bribes, he had sex problems:  ‘It was sex’: Law enforcement says Dennis Hastert hush-money scandal is about sexual abuse of a male high school student during his years as a wrestling coach.  Many a right wing sports or government icon is caught having naughty sex or rape or child molestation…just like anti-sex organizations such as the Catholic Church.  Just as I attack liberals for their anti-social ‘global warming’ garbage, I attack right wingers over their fixation with sex and how they throw rocks at others while living in glass houses themselves.

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No Change: Democratic Leaders Keep On Trucking, Blame Voters For Defeat

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Huffington Post liberal comments about ebola showing how thoroughly they have been brainwashed into believing that quarantines are stupid.


Kaci Hickox, Nurse Who Fought Ebola Quarantine, To Leave Maine: Report: The entire Democratic voting base was tricked into supporting open borders to ebola carriers!  This insane policy was pushed hard by Democratic comedians, commentators, the far left in general and this was one of the most highly unpopular things the ‘Democrats’ ever, ever did with 80% of the public demanding ebola quarantines.  This, in addition to Ferguson and coddling black rioters plus the insane global warming hysteria as cold blasts the US repeatedly has driven the party nearly out of the political arena.

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Liberals Blame Everyone But Themselves For Record Defeats

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RollCall.com – 2014 Election Maps

The Obama administration increasingly resembles the Nixon White House after the Watergate scandal began to unravel a President who previously won a landslide victory.  Obama is in hiding.  He hid during the entire election due to his gut reaction that he was very unpopular in all communities aside from high black population centers.  This is, as I have explained in the past, due to Ferguson.  Encouraging black riots is extremely toxic for a black President and it basically killed his political power.  Include the ebola refusal to quarantine and global warming taxes on CO2 and you get a perfect storm as liberals are now highly unpopular with the average, sane voter.

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Democratic Party Ignored ALL Polls And Plowed Ahead To Disaster

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A political party that utterly ignores polls doesn’t exist very long.  Polls in England, for example, from left to right show that people there are extremely upset about sovereignty, angry with the EU regulations and demands for open borders and UKIP has mushroomed as a result.  Here in the US we have no real third party so the Republicans could lie to their voters about this and other key matters and pretend they will fix things when we know from the Bush era, they follow the Bilderberg policies which is why Congress is very unpopular.  The GOP now has to obey the polls and do things the Bilderbergs hate especially strengthen our borders which means pulling back our troops from the rest of the empire.  This will never happen and the ongoing collapse of the US/EU empires will not even slow down.


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Ethnic/Religious Politics In NY/NJ: Battles Rage

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Jon Stewart Takes on Chris Christie Presser: Tone He’s Set Is Apparently in ‘F U Sharp’ – YouTube

The Tristate Region is a huge mass of ethnic/religious mixings and the underlying political reality is very much based on ethnic/religious associations.  This is also true of gangsters, each ethnic group has its own Mafia system and this intersects with politics in a huge way thanks to gambling money, drug funds and other illicit money flows.  When scandals hit the news, the reaction to these usually follows ethnic lines.

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