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California Drought Ends But Not The Global Warming Whining

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Huffington Post’s only weather article today!


Rain, mud arrive in thirsty Southern CaliforniaMajor storm soaks Southern California – LA Times…but as usual, Much-needed rain drenches California, but hardly puts dent in the drought is a typical global warmist headline.  Proof to see how ‘liberal’ media lies to its readers is easy to find.  The California based Huffington Post, for example, has NO stories about the rains even if mud slides are endangering readers of that rag while their only weather story on the front page is about a tiny fish that is going extinct (sic) due to no rain!


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Adam Sobel, Creepy NYC ‘Climate Scientist’ Hates Anyone Talking About Polar Vortex

Adam Sobel climatologist foolish tweets


These are tweets by Mr. Sobel which reflects the irrational beliefs of global warmists. He openly mourns the fact that there are virtually no Atlantic hurricanes!


Salon is run by a bunch of hysterical Californians.  They firmly believe global warming is roasting us to death. Here is a revealing editorial from a ‘climate scientist’, Adam Sobelin NYC.  He is awfully young and looks like he was born after the 1970’s super cold era.  This ‘scientist’ from my state of NY is quite arrogant as well as intolerant.  He is moaning this week about the blizzards assailing the Great Lakes communities especially NY like Buffalo.  He is most anxious to downplay winter as much as possible!


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Nate Silver Surrenders To Global Warmists And IPCC Report Is Pure Hysteria

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Another tempest in a teapot.  Nate Silver apologizes to critics on behalf of his science writer – Salon.com: the warmists went on the usual howling warpath and forced poor Nate to back track desperately.  Now he will host a ‘we are roasting to death unless you live in much of the North American continent’ global cooling denialist who will explain away one of the coldest winters in 100 years.  By mainly ignoring it.

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