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Congress Is Forcing FBI and Department of Justice To Hand Over All Spy Info On Trump

HUGE!… Judge Jeanine: Former AG Loretta Lynch Had to Approve the FBI Informant Spying on the Trump Campaign (VIDEO)


The tangled mess created by Obama and his buddies during the last election is unraveling rapidly now that the FBI and Department of Justice both had to release raw information to select Congressional committees investigating the election and ‘Russian collusion’ messes.  Yes, there was Russian collusion…by the Democrats and Obama!  Not by Trump.  This is front page news in conservative media and totally ignored or openly lied about in fake mainstream Bilderberg news systems.

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Congress Gets More Information From Department Of Justice: Many DNC Conspirators Will Be Charged

Breitbart News Network reports

the shocking news from last night.  I was asleep when this happened (while recovering from last year’s health problems from the norovirus, I go to bed early still)…the DOJ is now listing the laws broken by the Bilderberg gang’s DNC members who ran Obama and Hillary for President over the years while committing various crimes.  Obstructing justice is very much a Watergate matter!  It is obvious, the conspiracy to lie to the US public and run things secretly is now crashing and burning and I hope many people are put in prison this time around.

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Black Thugs Get Guardian Green Light To Be Bad As Possible


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The liberal push to tell all black people that they have zero reason to change themselves, they have zero responsibility for their own behaviors and that is is OK to be thugs, rioters, crooks, thieves, murderers, rapists and terrorists…continues in this huge reguritation that infuriates me.  I remember when things changed definitely for the worse.  It was the summer of 1977 when mostly black neighborhoods burst into outright looting, arson and terror when the lights simply went out during a thunderstorm!  And this riot went on not for a day or a week but for years afterwards!

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