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Social and Political Chaos Leads To Economic Distress: The EU Collapse Meets Middle East Collapse

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PHOTO: American Tech Workers Defiant as GOP Lawmakers Push to Expand Foreign Labor Programs

Stocks Resume Drop as Banks, Miners Sink and in Germany, destroyed by a million Muslim invasion, industrial production continues to decline.  Russian hopes that sanctions will end, sees these continue as the EU continues to commit hari kari.  Meanwhile, Bloomberg says he may run for President seeing how the race is in total confusion now.  And the global oil glut continues!  Whoopee.  Social chaos cause economic dislocations as we see clearly in the EU which is collapsing internally due to several obvious factors.  Language differences plus millions of aliens invading=social chaos that is very expensive and which drives down wages of the lower classes to the point French taxi drivers clash with police in anti-Uber strike, for example.  Retired General Faces Charges After French Anti-Islam Rally which, like Germany, forbids citizens protesting the wave of Muslims.  Way to go to destruction, France!   Say hello to Gemany on the way down for me!

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Japan And EU Both Literally Give Away Money Below Zero Interest To Rich Exporters To Keep Economies Afloat

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Recessions don’t just bob out of nowhere.  They are manufactured by our rulers.  Greedy bastards all, they hoard wealth for themselves and their cronies who we call ‘politicians’ who pretend to work for the ‘voters’ but really work for the very rich who pay for the election costs and also pay for any rewards the politicians wish.  Look at the Clinton family, collecting many, many millions of dollars for some of the most boring ‘speeches’ on earth.  These parasites pay for all this by reducing wages via bringing in cheap foreign or even illegal alien labor and taking over any remaining unions so they work for the owners, not the staff.  This process has made the very rich very, very rich and wages stagnate or fall and thus, economic systems falter and collapse which irritates the rich who hate this but hate sharing the wealth so this charade runs on and on and on via debts which mount higher and higher/


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Oceans Stay Warm As Continents Cool Down: How All Ice Ages Start

Tom Toles: Political Cartoons from Tom Toles – The Washington Post

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I looked at the cartoon…it is 19 degrees outside due to it being a very cold year, and I thought the white stuff in this cartoon was snow.  And then I realized, no, this is a liberal cartoonist working for a West Coast billionaire who has enjoyed warmer than normal winters unlike the vast majority of us and this cartoon is supposed to be sand due to us all roasting to death.

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Democratic Leaders Hope Race Riots Will Bring Out Black Voters Who Will Vote For AIPAC Tools

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Mortality rate: African nations and Afghanistan are the worst.

AIPAC owns and runs the entire Democratic Party.  In return, black politicians vote 100% for all AIPAC issues without murmur. This is because it is very easy to raise ‘election’ money and get friendly press if AIPAC loves you even if you are a black politician and AIPAC actually makes things worse for constituents.  After years and years of this, blacks are worse off than ever before thanks to being fed systems and financial investments that make things worse and worse.


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China Will Execute Railway Official While EU and US Bankers Get Rescued

China Sentences Former Railway Minister to Death: unlike in the US where people can destroy entire banking systems with impunity and then get bailed out, in China if you screw up you are executed and this is a typical example. Continue reading


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US Media Notices Japan Continues To Collapse While Inflation Looms

For many, many years, at least two decades, I have written extensively about the deflationary trap Japan fell into and cannot escape.  Japan is literally dying.  It is literally being ground apart by both Mother Nature and the Japanese Industrial complex disasters.  And it is being propped up by the US as a means of defying dynamic, growing, active China.  This is a total failure and easy to see why.  A dying, disintegrating culture can’t project power or run things, it is in barely-survival mode and rapidly literally dying. Continue reading


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Krugman Doesn’t Understand How Government Debt Flows Into Offshore Banks

Paul Krugman is the leading ‘expert’ (sic) for wild money printing and wild government spending as a cure for a huge credit bubble breaking.  Both the left and the right are wrong about what ails the world economic system.  We are drowning in a flood of red ink and money printing since the winners of world trade manufacturing exporting are those who destroy their home base currency making exports cheaper.  And the money produced by this flood of ZIRP lending by central banks flows instantly to offshore banks.  So far, $34 trillion sits there, outside of the economies the liberals want to grow via government debt.  This debt=more money in offshore accounts, less money at home. Continue reading


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