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China, US And Japan Threaten WWIII Over Sea Patrol Boundaries

Chinese military patrol zone

Commentary: China’s setup of air zone legitimate, conducive to regional peace – Xinhua | English.news.cn


Just when American citizens, deep in hock for all these many wars that we do on our national credit card, scared of the government shutdown due to ‘no money’, Japan and the US State Department picks up the cudgels for WWIII with China. That is, the Japanese unilaterally and with no negotiations with neighbors, claimed sovereignty of some disputed islands and the US said we will fight to the death for the Japanese right of ownership.  This is WWII in reverse with the Japanese warlords or in this case, sons of warlords, use our troops to invade neighbors.

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Too Few Lifeboats For Passengers And Crew Of USS Ship of State

The US alliances are like a huge cruise ship that has too few lifeboats and it suddenly has engine trouble.  That is, this is a floating disaster.  The US floats on a fiat currency sea of red ink.  A trade war is raging right now as it always does with the clueless US ship the sitting duck target of hostile foreign take overs.  The allies of the US are stirring war with other US allies while China, the other giant ship on the Seven Seas has the biggest trade navy as well as the biggest sovereign wealth fund.  In today’s news, we see Japan, desperate and obnoxious, picking fights not just with China but with North and South Korea and Russia.  Anyone left out?  Letting our ‘friends’ start wars is insanity. Continue reading


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Clinton Joins Japan Warlords In Seizing Islands Illegally

Japan signs treaty to stop stealing children


Today’s Asian headlines makes it clear: the US used the Japanese Imperial desires to steal islands to get Japan to finally sign a treaty promising not to enable Japanese kidnappers from stealing children from foreign spouses.  This is prelude to WWIII as the desperate Japanese imperialists decide to blow it all on a massive attempt at strong arming Asia while the desperate, going broke US decides to go suicidal with a two billion person war against all Muslims and all Chinese at the same time.  Talk about insane. Continue reading


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