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Expensive NY Columbia University Is Increasingly Run By SJW Revolutionaries

USA: Cernovich gives speech at Columbia University while protest rages outside – YouTube


Columbia University is in the news today and so I decided to do a big story about that insane school that is utterly PC perfect and thus, is costing students an arm and a leg to ‘learn’ SJW garbage while packing away loot overseas which supports a very bloated administration while the professors lose pay.  All this is indicative of an exploiting system that destroys young people while making lots of profit, doing this destruction.

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Affirmative Action Rules Are In The News: Exploitation Of Race Has Unsurprising Consequences


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The issue of affirmative action continues to roil when it comes to schools, hirings and other arenas.  Originally, it was supposed to be a temporary solution to Jim Crow segregation which was very nasty, I lived under Jim Crow as a child and saw first hand gross discrimination against black citizens which was infuriating to see.  My grandfather was anti-Jim Crow and I upheld this tradition by working for Civil Rights which happened to include my own personal rights as a woman.  But over the years, the civil rights issue has taken a bad turn.  It has become abusive.  Even as gays and transsexuals continue the honest battle for basic civil and human rights, blacks and women are seeing this fall apart not due to white males being ‘naughty’ but due to weighted systems that give women and blacks an extra boost but which ruins their ability to succeed because it is now unfair competition.


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NYC Cancels Murdoch/Joel Klein Multi-million Dollar Computer Contract: AIPAC Destroying US Schools

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 Amplify is a Murdoch/Joel Klein Common Core school system looting operation that steals many millions and millions of US school tax dollars while wrecking the entire school system.  These looters (referring to Klein and others, not Murdoch)  have huge influence in government via AIPAC.  They control elections via media and money.  I am shocked that the NYC school system abruptly terminated the Amplify contract for just one service (sic) that no one uses and which cost us all nearly $100 million a year.  Maybe all the Amplify contracts will be terminated and perhaps the owners and runners of this scam be put in jail for fraud?

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