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Sheriff’s Deputy In Texas Rushed To Hospital, Duncan Dead: Ebola Crisis Becomes Much More Dangerous

BREAKING NEWS: Second person rushed to hospital in Texas with Ebola symptoms after contact with ‘patient zero’ who died today


The CareNow clinic in Frisco, Texas was placed in lock-down after the person appeared and was exhibiting signs of the deadly virus today
The patient in Frisco claimed to have had contact with Ebola ‘patient zero’ Thomas Duncan
Mr Duncan, 42, died from the virus on Wednesday morning at Texas Presbyterian Hospital


MORE BREAKING NEWS: The person taken to the hospital has been identified as a Dallas County sheriff’s deputy who went to Thomas Duncan’s apartment is second person rushed to hospital with Ebola symptoms.

This is highly dangerous now because this sheriff has been running around touching people quite intimately since Duncan was hauled to the hospital.  Dallas should shut down until all people in contact with him are accounted for and then there is the ambulance driver, the guys who hosed the vomit all over the place, the woman who walked in the hosed up vomit wearing only flip flops, everyone… this is a crisis, big time.

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A Winter’s Tale: Panda, Tippy and Akamaru Play In Snow Sort Of…

Panda runs riot in snow

Today we are having a real snow storm, not light snow.  And it is bitter cold, a sort of cold Napoleon’s Grand Armee enjoyed while fleeing Moscow.  The kittens are now cats and this is their very first winter.  Panda, who has huge front paws with opposable thumbs, has been chasing snow flakes while her short haired sister, Tippy, is not as happy about this reversal of nature.

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