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Obama DOJ and FBI Staff Conspired To Conceal Hillary Crimes and Attack Trump

The Mueller Investigation blows up in the face of the DNC: corruption in DC may lead to 27 people charged with conspiracy to overturn Presidential election illegally. – YouTube


Looks like the liberal coup attempt is now hitting the rocks.  The above video clearly defines how the conspiracy of holdover Obama DNC tools inside the Justice Department and FBI conspired to leak often FALSE information as well as supposedly secret information to the DNC run media giants like the New York Times in an effort to undo the election illegally.  This is a COUP attempt and now it is falling apart.  Also, the global elite push to isolate Russia is going to destroy the winter Olympics which is OK with me, time to kill off the Olympics which destroys host nations anyways.

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9 Year Old Innocent Boy Shot 4 Times In Back By Thugs In Chicago

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 3.16.49 PM

In broad daylight, witnessed by more than one person, a child was ruthlessly gunned down most likely by a neighborhood hoodlum, and there is zero outrage, no witnesses rushing to put the shooting on You Tube, the President and his goofy DOJ buddy, Holder, say nothing…business as usual as blacks continue to eradicate each other at an astonishing rate.

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Both Black, White And Hispanic Lawlessness Leads To Internal Wars And Destruction Of Civil Liberties

Screen shot 2014-08-19 at 6.22.52 AM

Black demonstrator is right, alas, cops and whites kill far, far fewer blacks than blacks in the hood.


The government, trying to appease the black community, lifted the curfew last night and so the demonstrators refused to go home after midnight and yet another battle was waged.  Attorney General Eric Holder headed to Ferguson to pour more gasoline on this fire.  As our country descends into chaos, what is interesting to me is NO labor battles are raging, no efforts after OWS was suppressed, at organizing across racial/religious lines.  Instead, we have Bundy in Nevada defying the Obama government and talking racist and Al Sharpton, a man who tried to get ME, specifically, killed for a speech I gave in Bedford-Stuy in NYC, talking racist, trying to start a race war.

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Theft, Assault And Battery is NOT ‘Shoplifting’

Surveillance Video Of Michael Brown Allegedly Robbing A Store Before He Got Shot – YouTube


I notice all over the web that people seem very confused about legal matters.  In this particular, people anxious to keep Mr. Brown as an icon of innocent youth have been calling his assault and battery theft, ‘shoplifting.’  I find this minimizing of his crime on tape to be rather childish.

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