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National Socialism Is Rising Rapidly As Long Depression Gets Worse Worldwide

The world is hurtling towards another world war.  If we examine the previous two world wars, we can see a definite pattern: these always fallow, by a decade, a long depression.  And they feature greater powers of central bankers and a widening gap between workers and oligarchs.  Generally speaking, there is a quest to replenish government coffers not by taxation but by imperialist exploitation and clashes over distant exploitable territories become very violent very quickly.  Meanwhile, racist/religionist national socialism rises rapidly as dominant populations seek to maintain their grip on social services via cutting off services to minorities and others.

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American Elites Talk About Dropping Oil Prices By Exporting Oil When US Is Biggest Oil IMPORTER

Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 8.44.43 PM

China – Analysis – U.S. Energy Information Administration


There is wild talk in DC and the EU about the US exporting oil to ‘save’ Europe from Russia.  But a quick peek at the above information shows this to be an insane fantasy cooked up by the US media Bilderbergers and the corrupt government in DC.  It is ridiculous.  Totally ridiculous.  The US is the world’s biggest IMPORTER of oil, not exporter and we are still preventing Iran from selling oil in world markets.


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