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Senator Jackson Lee’s Cyber Expert Is Illegal Doxxer Threatening GOP Senators

Police Arrest Senator Jackson Lee’s Cybersecurity Aide, Jackson Cosko For Doxxing GOP Senate Leaders’ Private Information So They Could Be Attacked By SJW Females.


A youngish man working for the DNC Senators has been arrested by the FBI for doxxing top GOP leaders by releasing their private information so that crazy leftist violent female protestors and ANTIFA could attack them at home.  Senator Jackson Lee should resign in disgrace.  She is a black politician from Texas.  NO surprise that she thinks her staff is above the law and can do as they please.  The terror campaign run by the DNC bosses is blowing up in their faces.  One black politician in DC from California has been openly calling for blacks and leftists to physically attack anyone who works for the GOP or are the GOP even at home, even to the point of harming their families, too.

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