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EU And US Elections All About Stopping Immigration Floods, Bilderberg Gang Wants More Aliens, No Borders

Jon Stewart Perfectly Sums Up The GOP’s Closing Arguments by making fun of very reasonable fears and demands of the US middle classes.


Our nation and the entire EU is run by and for the richest elites who have these secret meetings which our media owners never, ever mention and the few people covering these meetings are mocked as ‘conspiracy nuts’ but the Bilderberg meetings are very real and very important and they set the rules by which we live and examples abound.  One of these is the persistence of propaganda about global warming which has risen to a fever pitch as the planet decisively cools down.  The other big thing beloved of this crew is open borders everywhere on earth except for Israel.  » Official Bilderberg 2014 Membership List Released Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


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NSA Blimp Protest In Utah And Our Imperial War Spending Is Popular With Peace Prize President

Across the world, many are reporting the news about the blimp protest against the NSA data collection center in Utah.  For many months now, various protests have been tried and this is the latest one, done by a coalition of groups with both left and right members, mostly leftists.  Snowden is a libertarian, for example.  I have always wanted a stronger left/right Constitutional rights/antiwar coalition but this has been shattered by two political forces, both of which are stupid.  That is, the global warming insanity on the left and the anti-women’s, minorities and gay civil rights attitude on the right.  Maybe we will find common ground again by dropping both peculiar itches.

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Swiss Confirm Arafat Assassinated By Polonium Radioactive Poison, US Media Downplays Explosive Story

Yasser Arafat ‘was poisoned using radioactive polonium’, tests reveal | Mail Online, says the lead story in a British ‘cute girls/crime’ rag in Britain.  In America, this story is less interesting like with the New York Times  headline, Swiss Report Supports Theory Arafat Was Poisoned uses the word ‘theory’ which is not the word used in Europe describing this crime.  So does the Washington Post which at least made this explosive story front page and not buried in the far boondocks like the NYT.

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Wall Street Bankers Want More US Debt and Dread Pirate Roberts Is Jailed

Wall Street CEOs meet with Obama, warn of harm from debt-limit battle as Goldman Sachs banking crook, Lloyd Blankfein met with Obama right on the heels of his close buddy, Netanyahu.  This is due to a possible Federal default looming in the near future.

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Putin More Popular Than Obama And Cameron And Netanyahu Is Coming To WH To Yell At Obama

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Americans doubt Obama’s effectiveness on Syria: note how Putin scores high and Assad scores higher than the British PM, Cameron.  The French guy who inserted himself is lower than all players in this game.  The awareness that the US and NATO are arming al Qaeda has slowly grown despite US media owners trying desperately to drive us into another war.  The funniest of all is how the GOP is slamming on the brakes and will cease funding our government.  To cover their AIPAC assets, they still will fund wars, just nothing for US citizens at home.

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CIA And Pentagon Whine About Chinese Potential To Use Assassination Drones Like Ours

The dirty business of being the Assassination Nation means we make all sorts of relativist moral choices that make us into monsters, collectively.  A book has recently come out that talks about how the CIA and Presidents (PLURAL) made many deals with devils so we could murder people across international borders.  For example, How the CIA agreed to assassinate state enemy for Pakistan in exchange for access to airspace for drone attacks. Continue reading


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Can Rand Paul Filibuster Stop The Assassination Nation Lunatics?

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Rand Paul is 100% correct in his refusal to back down on the CIA nomination.  The CIA is totally corrupt and has embraced entirely the concept of assassination without charge, trial or any Constitutional protections including assassinating Americans here in the US using robot drones.  Anyone with any brains should be able to see where this all ends: anyone who becomes President can secretly have the CIA assassinate pesky people with no legal civil rights embedded in our Constitution stopping them from doing this for frivolous or political ends.  Even the Jews who like our assassination business should fear this, it will be used on them eventually, too! Continue reading


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