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Blizzards Hammer Europe, Anchovies Replace Sardines=Global Cooling

One of the biggest snow storms of the season blankets the Alps | Ice Age Now: hurricane level winds hammer Europe.  It is still very cold where I live, not at all a normal spring.  The cherry blossoms in DC aren’t even beginning to bloom, either, which is unusually late.  The mainstream media has been hammering the story that we are tired of ‘climate change’ discussions and this, due to mysterious reasons.  Yet when I talk to normal people, they bring up often the real climate change issue: it is ridiculously cold, not hot.  They are upset about this.

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Global Warming Cures Are Designed To Destroy Most Northern Climate Populations

The Huffington Post is very big on the global warming business so this is the headline yesterday about the IPCC report:  World Running Out Of Time To Stop Global Warming, UN Report Says

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UN CO2 Report: We Will Roast To Death After We Thaw Out Someday

jet traffic March 2014


Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield launch Earth Hour: these two and their publicity staff flew all the way to Australia and Singapore  to talk about not burning CO2 because it is evil.  Then they turned off the lights for one hour to show how to save energy!  This is depraved.  Note all the jets spewing CO2 in the above screen shot.  Web masters: the Spiderman team has flown to Japan today to wave at fans while fanning themselves due to dying of the heat.

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Government Launches Global Warming Website That Crashed

Screen shot 2014-03-19 at 7.54.16 AM

The above is my weather this next week.  It is totally like January with the Spring Equinox showing near 0F weather yet again.  We have had already a dozen severe cold waves this winter.  And how is our national government and media responding to this unfolding Ice Age disaster?  Take a guess:

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Kerry Announces Global WARMING Will Be #1 Priority Of All Ambassadors

pulling snow off of roof after Valentine's day blizzard

Here is a picture of me dressed to the nines, yanking snow and ice off of my roof while standing in the snow, most of the plowed snow around the house is now one story high except for here, at the front door where I removed the snow further away so it wouldn’t block everything.  I can walk to the garage roof from the snowbanks that surround the other walls.  It is going to be below zero yet again tonight.  And people are dying all over the northern hemisphere due to this very severe winter.  But don’t worry!  It is hot in some places so they assure us the overall temperature is ‘near normal’…IF you live in say, Arizona, not all the snow belt states!

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