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Deranged Ms. Stormy Was Very High On Dangerous Hallucinatory Drugs During 60 Minutes ‘Sex Fiend’ Interview

Mark Dice (@MarkDice) | Twitter has lots of information about the silly story of a very silly young lady who is high on drugs, imagining she is so sexy with Trump…

This is all so pathetic and sad.  She is half my age and will be older than me in the next ten years if she lives that long, she is very high on very dangerous, addictive drugs.  Many prostitutes are on addictive drugs.  They often die young because of living dangerous and stupid lives.  She isn’t a ‘mistress’, these usually take care of themselves.  Naturally, the media ignores identical situations about sex when it is a Bilderberg person doing this, they all do this, of course.  No, the Bilderberg media owners pull the strings on any sex their opponents indulge in yet look at all nations dominated by Bilderberg politicians: lots of illicit sex is celebrated.

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High On Purple Trank, Cheap Codeine/Arizona Watermelon Tea & Skittles Leads To Psychos

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The NYT picture of demonstrators in LA says it all: slowly and painfully, many blacks are all becoming like Trayvon.  Alas, this actually refers to the use of gangsta talk and morals, illegal drug consumption and lawbreaking.  The latest delusional storyline is, blacks are scared of whites which is patently false.  The opposite is true.  Many whites are terrified of blacks due to the raging lawlessness that has overwhelmed black communities to the point, people are scared to even drive through them and this has been true for years.

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