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New York Times Tries To Explain Sunspots But Fails Miserably

The New York Times pretends to be intelligent and rational.  It is, of course, a propaganda machine that is easily revealed to be run by a bunch of delusional lying bastards and today’s ‘science editorial’ illustrates this very well: Living With a Star – NYTimes.com by Dennis Overbye.  His story ends with a series of corrections:


Correction: February 4, 2015
An earlier version of this article misstated the size of the sun compared with Earth. The sun is more than a million times as big as Earth, not millions of times as big. It also misstated the timeframe on which the sun’s magnetic field reverses. It reverses direction every 11 years, not 22.


But this isn’t the only stupid stuff!  It has lots of lies inside the story.

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Global Warmists False Claims About ‘Warmest Years Ever!’ This Year

Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 6.01.36 AM


Antarctic ice is greatest since the last cooling cycle which happened to be the 1960-1980 cycle and so the global warmists have declared that The Planet Just Had Its Warmest September On Record, Continuing Hot Streak.  And which continent had the most ‘warming’?  Why, Antarctica!  And Canada and more than half of North America which had a frigid winter that was much longer than usual and a very cool spring and summer, was ‘warmer than averge’ which is pure insanity.


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NASA Chief Wants Travel To Mars, But Reflexively Whines About Climate Change During Speech

Screen shot 2014-10-11 at 7.32.50 AM

NASA ebola suits…wait!  This is a picture of how we will exist on Mars, not Africa.  Mars is colder than Antarctica and Antarctica is quite cold.  Its atmosphere is 95% CO2.  Note how hot it is!  The poles are -195 degrees but on the equator, it can heat up to 70 degrees during the day and fall to -100 degrees at night.  Much of the CO2 is sequestered in winter on Mars at the poles.  Yesterday, the head of NASA talked about ‘climate change’ and Mars which illustrates how out of touch with reality, NASA has become due to the reflexive need to hook everything into ‘CO2 is evil’ storyline.

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Liberals Scream Earth Is Burning While Brazil Has Huge Hail Storms, Hudson Bay Totally Frozen, Etc.


'Burning Globe Earth (West Hemisphere) [Shutterstock]

This is the flaming earth icon used by liberals when they complain about the weather.  Even though the smarter characters use the term ‘climate change’ due to the obvious cooling going on, the majority of the stories issued by these guys are all about us roasting to death.  The shrill screams were particularly loud in the last 24 hours.  Unfortunately for the warmists, the real news is the incredible, increasing cold in the Southern Hemisphere and North America being hammered by a succession of cold Northern Pacific storms and cold waves from Hudson Bay.

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