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Labor Board Says OK To Fire Damore Because Telling Truth Is Not Allowed

Google’s firing of an engineer over his controversial memo criticizing its diversity policies and “politically correct monoculture” didn’t violate U.S. labor law, a federal agency lawyer concluded.”


So, it is discriminatory to explain genetic reality.  This horrifying new situation is leading to the destruction of society when we pretend males and females are identical.  We are not.  What they intend to do is destroy our technological powers by forcing all businesses to hire as many females as males in work females are not very good at and I used to work, when in college, in the computer design/creation business, I made prototypes which back then was very difficult work.  Women back then made prototypes because our hands were smaller!

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8.1 Quake In Sumatra, Indonesia, Potential Tsunami

Screen shot 2016-03-02 at 8.18.07 AM

Major 8.1 magnitude quake strikes southwest of Indonesia – USGS: probable tsunami.  This is a shallow quake and thus, quite capable of creating a tsunami.  The biggest city in the possible tsunami zone is Padang.  It is sheltered by a string of islands so I don’t know how much this will help prevent a tsunami.  Just as I predicted when I first published this story this morning:  TSUNAMI WARNING JUST ISSUED FOR PADANG AND COASTAL ISLANDS as of 8:47 EST.

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Over 1,000 Die In Nepal Earthquake

Screen shot 2015-04-25 at 10.32.00 AM

Devastating 7.9-magnitude quake strikes Nepal, India: India is like Australia.  It is a very fast moving piece of tectonic plate that moved fairly rapidly from Antarctica to smash into Asia causing the fastest growing and tallest mountains on earth as Asia buckles and folds as the relentless grind of India is shoved under Asia.  Africa is moving at a much slower rate into Europe and will eventually crush the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps will eventually be as high as Mount Everest but this is in the far, far future.

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Major 8.0 Quake In Northern Chile, Tsunami Warnings Across Pacific Ocean

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 8.16.45 PM

The earth has been incredibly active since the huge Boxing Day Tsunami  in Sumatra ten years ago.  We have had several tsunami events since then.  The Boxing Day quake was a 9.3, one of the biggest in history.  Well over a quarter million people died.  Only now are the quakes slowing down there while the thousands of quakes in the wake of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami continue three years later with little let up.

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Troubling Earthquake Cluster Near Noris Geyser Basin In Yellowstone

Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 5.33.47 PM

Yellowstone National Park hit by 4.8-magnitude earthquake after California is shaken by major tremor | Mail Online:  the San Andreas is important only because people foolishly built infrastructure and homes on top of or crossing this very active  slip/slide fault.  But Yellowstone is different: it can trigger an Ice Age if conditions are right and it can destroy much of the human habitation of North America if the explosion is as big as some have been in the past.  It is the Sleeping Dragon we must all fear and watch.

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Earthquake/Tsunami/Volcanic Danger Potential In Southern Tohoku Island Japan

Hamakoa nuclear power plant Japan

Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant in earthquake/tsunami zone south of Fukushima

The precarious situation in Fukushima has made the news again: TEPCO partially restores power to cooling systems at Fukushima plant  and there is no excuse for this because the Fukushima plant outage reveals lack of backup power source 2 years after crisis outbreak.  Closing the nuclear power plants has caused Japan’s Feb trade deficit gets worse at $8.1B as exports lag imports. Continue reading


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