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PC Police Are Causing Chaos Both On Campuses And In Cities

Jiang Qing (a.k.a. Madame Mao) greets the crowd and no, it wasn’t in the US at Bowdoin college but it could have been!- YouTube


Campuses Set For More Riots | Confessions of a College Professor: this heroic man risks life and limb to detail what is destroying our education system which has, in the liberal arts in particular, turned into a looting expedition that locks naive children and their parents into life-long servitude locked in debts that are literally impossible to escape.  While in school, the ‘students’ are allowed to run wild since no school wants to discourage or get rid of any of these delusional children, they make oodles of money off of them all and it makes the presidents and coaches very, very rich!  Why stop the students?  Pander to them and then decapitate them when they are fat and ready to be harvested.  Sort of like how I fed my farm animals before market day.

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Across World, Everyone Praises University For Taking In Down’s Syndrome Girl Who Is Barely Literate!

Noah is going to college! – YouTube

Everyone in the media is oohing and ahhing over the news that profoundly mentally disabled adults are now getting acceptance to ‘universities’ that cater to Down’s syndrome victims;  Moment Down Syndrome teen Rachel Grace reads her acceptance letter to college  | Daily Mail Online

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White News Media Frets About Black Children Failing In School But Won’t Talk About Disintegrating Families As Cause


Confessions of a College Professor Doom is an illuminating website run by this college professor who laments the gross changes in how the schools are run today.   I once taught at the university level and it definitely is going downhill.  When I went to college way back beginning in 1967, we had fierce competition for student slots and I fought hard for my positions.  Now, it is all about collecting vast government student loans and they take in anyone, any time in most places and professors who catch students slacking off or cheating are persecuted by the administrators who only want more students which equals more money.  This wretched mess is also hammered by our school systems that focus on everything but the real problems with our young people who struggle to learn.

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‘Freddie’ And His Fellow Gangsters Are Unemployable

Screen shot 2015-05-03 at 9.53.42 AM

This is a screen shot of today’s New York Bilderberg Times.  The Times owners have been top Bilderberg gangsters for generations.  The top story is about ‘Freddie’ the cute guy with an arrest record a mile long who died while being transported by the cops after resisting arrest.  The NYT wonders how poor Freddie survived unemployment, poor health, violent crime (he WAS the ‘VIOLENT CRIME’ itself!) and incarceration which is the feeble tool used by society to remove Freddie and his buddies from the streets.

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